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8 Dresses That Will Make You the Most Stylish Guest at the Wedding

From big-city weddings to intimate backyard ceremonies, we have just the dress.

By Madeleine Kim

I think it’s safe to say that summer of 2022 is the summer of the wedding. My fridge has never been adorned with so many “save the dates,” and the other day, one of my friends told me that she’s attending eleven (eleven!) weddings this year. And it’s not just me—a record number of weddings are expected in 2022, spurred on by postponed celebrations throughout the pandemic. 

Of course, this development begs the question: How are we supposed to figure out what to wear? I always try to avoid buying pieces that I’ll only wear once, whether it’s for a special occasion or a job interview. But in the age of social media, it’s a bit more difficult to rely on the same dress for every event of the season. The solution? Choose special-occasion dresses that you can wear for other aspects of your life, too. Every piece on this list can be repurposed and re-styled for work, weekends, and whatever else your summer has in store.

Here’s what to wear to eight different types of weddings.


The Park Wedding

Unless you’re one of the select few VIPs who’ve been granted a rare parking space, weddings in the park usually involve a bit of walking. You’ll want something that’s as breathable as it is beautiful, and the Jillian dress fits the bill. Asymmetrical gathering gives this customer favorite an elegant look, and machine-washable, odor-resistant fabric means you can dance (elegantly or not) without a care.


The Rooftop Wedding

Make sure to choose something form-fitting enough that a large gust of wind won’t cause any wardrobe malfunctions. The Lalita dress will (literally) have you covered. With its fold-over neckline and sleek silk jersey material, this dress pairs perfectly with a crisp glass of bubbly.


The Winery Wedding

Speaking of champagne, there are sure to be some delicious options at the winery wedding. Play it safe spillage-wise and opt for the washable Lisey cami and Orchard skirt. Together, they create the look of a slip dress, but separately, they can be paired with more casual styles for everyday wear.


The Beach Wedding

Maybe it’s the effortless draping or the seafoam-like color, but there’s something about the Rashmeen dress in minty green that makes me think: off-duty mermaid. And what could be more ideal for a beach wedding? The below-the-knee hemline will offer coverage against the sea breeze, and if you get a little sandy, don’t stress—it’s machine-washable.


The City Wedding

Try something classic but memorable, like the Gabriella dress, made from super-soft washable ponte. The top half of the dress has a simple shape that will look great in photos, while the bottom half is all about twirls, festivity, and flair. This dress was born to be fabulously accessorized, so have fun with your shoe and jewelry choices.


The Backyard Wedding

Just like an at-home dinner party feels cozier than gathering at a restaurant, a backyard wedding has a comfortable vibe. Match that feeling with the stretchy Malala dress in steel blue, which is cheerful and eye-catching, but not so much that you’ll upstage the couple. 


The Country Club Wedding

Ooh, fancy! If you were looking for an excuse to wear that show-stopping silk charmeuse dress, this is your chance. The Bevin’s boat neck and ‘20s-inspired shape make it feel timeless, while the wisteria color ensures you’re right on trend.


Your Own Elopement

It’s the most important wedding of the entire season: yours! While full-on wedding dresses aren’t quite in our wheelhouse (for now…), we do think the Edith dress would be the perfect thing to wear for an elopement. Aside from being just plain beautiful, it’s also made with a highly specialized Japanese technique that gives the garment shape and a unique texture. We’ve been working on this piece for years, vetting different samples and ensuring that we were completely in love before committing. Sound familiar? We had a feeling.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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