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5 Virtual Interview Outfits You’ll Keep Wearing for Your Work-from-Home Job

It’s all about finding an outfit that has the right balance of polish, camera-readiness, and comfort.

By Madeleine Kim

Applying for a new job? Whether or not the position you’re angling for is remote, many companies these days conduct at least first-round interviews over Zoom or Google Meet. This has its advantages for applicants (like the fact that you can covertly check your prep notes if you need a little help), but it also presents a challenge: What to wear?

Job interviews have always been tricky to dress for, and when you’re interviewing virtually, things get even murkier. It can be tempting to do your interview in pajama shorts, since the person on the other side of the screen will only see you from the shoulders up, but we think you should get fully dressed—even if only to put yourself in the right headspace. 

That said, it doesn’t make sense to invest in, say, a super formal suit that you don’t plan on wearing outside of the interview. It’s all about finding an outfit that has the right balance of polish, camera-readiness, and comfort—an interview outfit that you’ll continue wearing for your day-to-day once you land the role. Wondering what to wear for a Zoom interview? Here are five looks we recommend.

Virtual Interview Outfits

The Classic Button-Down

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine an office’s dress code before your interview, even if you research the company. Sticking to classic business attire, like a crisp button-down, is a safe bet. The Mila top is relaxed enough that you won’t look out-of-place among a casual crowd, but polished enough to fit in at a business-formal office. Pair it with sleek stretchy pants and comfortable flats for a complete look you’ll keep coming back to once you get the job. Feel more comfortable stepping it up a notch from business casual? Just add a suit jacket.

The Knit Suit

With a knit jardigan, you get the best of both worlds: the stretch and comfort of a full-body sweater, plus the sharp look of a classic, tailored jacket. Pair the Merritt jardigan and Skinny Foster pants with a buttery T-shirt for an outfit that will help you look polished and feel comfortable. Sticking to neutral colors is a good default—but know that there are no “wrong” colors to wear. Don’t be afraid to introduce bright colors by subbing in a more vibrant underpinning if you feel so inspired. 

The Built-in Accessory

“Jeans and cute top” is the go-to uniform for social events where you’re not quite sure what to wear. But it turns out, this formula also comes in quite handy when you’re dressing for a Zoom interview. The silk Darcy top features a versatile tie that you can style in a knot, a bow, or loose—it’s like a built-in accessory. Plus, our slightly shiny washable silk charmeuse will beautifully reflect natural light, making you glow on camera. Just add a pair of comfortable jeans, and some elegant earrings if you’re feeling ambitious. This outfit proves that business-formal interview attire doesn’t have to mean wearing a suit. 

The Comfortable Blazer

The jeans-plus-elevated-top look works beautifully with blazers, too. For interviews in more formal industries, there’s a chance your hiring manager will expect you to wear a jacket. Try the Yiyan blazer over the (machine-washable) silk Vicky tank for an effortlessly put-together outfit. The blazer will make you look business-formal-ready, but choosing a more casual underpinning (as opposed to a classic button-down) will keep you from feeling too formal for your video interviews. Bonus: The Yiyan features stretchy knit inserts in the seams, so it’s way more comfortable than your average blazer.

The Cashmere Sweater

Even if you’re interviewing for a company with a casual dress code, you should make sure your interview outfit is polished. Once you start your new role, you may find that the company culture is relaxed and people tend to wear T-shirts during the work day—but it’s always better to play it safe with your interview look. The cashmere McKenzie sweater has a relaxed vibe, but its sleek shape and luxe texture will make you look put-together. 

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Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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