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12 Stretchy, Comfortable Pieces You Can Actually Wear to the Office

Polished and practical dresses, jackets, tops, and leggings that work just as hard as you do.

By Madeleine Kim

It’s officially October, and for many people, that means you’ve had some time to settle back into the habit of regularly going to an office, at least part-time. If your company was one of the many that returned to in-person work this fall, you’ve probably had a lot on your mind—from hoping your desk mate doesn’t give you a cold to preparing some opening lines to help break the ice during any awkward moments outside the snack closet.

You’ve also probably been reevaluating the pieces you used to wear to work pre-pandemic. And whether you’ve always loved getting dressed up for work or wish you could live in sweatpants forever, there’s one thing we know for sure: nobody wants to go back to wearing uncomfortable clothing. Luckily, M.M. happens to specialize in designing polished, office-ready pieces that also happen to be comfortable enough to nap in (seriously—we’ve tried it). Here are 12 stretchy pieces to wear to the office now.


A Blazer with Hidden Talents

To the naked eye, the Yiyan may simply appear to be an elegant, beautifully tailored blazer that instantly elevates an outfit. And sure, it is all of those things. But it’s also more than that. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that hidden within the back seams of the Yiyan are stretchy knit panels that allow you to move so freely, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a blazer.


An Illustrious Little Black Dress

Among the M.M. team (and many M.M. customers), the Rachel dress is known as the gold standard for versatility. And it makes sense, because you can style it So. Many. Different. Ways. Plus, the Rachel is one of those pieces that feels as good as it looks, thanks to its buttery-soft, super-stretchy Italian ponte material. Basically, you’ll want to wear it every day—and you can.


A Turtleneck You’ll Want in Every Color

I tend to be an indecisive shopper, but as soon as I received and tried on my first Axam T-shirt, I immediately hit “add to cart” on two more (luckily, you can save up to 15% when you buy our T-shirts in bulk). Made from the best pima cotton, this versatile turtleneck has plenty of stretch but doesn’t stretch out during the day. You can pair it with pretty much any skirt or pair of pants (yes, even shorts), and it’s just the thing to layer under your sleeveless dresses when you want some extra warmth.


Pants for Every Body Type

Whether you’re heart-shaped or hourglass-shaped, tall or petite, all curves or none, the Curie pants will look great on you—especially because we offer them in two different inseam-length options. Style-wise, these fall somewhere in between skinny jeans, cigarette pants, and leggings: They’re sharp but not too formal and stretchy enough that you won’t feel the need to swap them for sweats after work.


A Tank Top with a Backstory

If you’re a longtime M.M. fan, you already know all about our jardigan-knit pieces. But in case you’re new, here’s the Sparknotes version. Back in the day, M.M. developed the jardigan—a portmanteau of “jacket” and “cardigan”—because we couldn’t find anything else on the market that had both the sharp look of a blazer and the comfort of a cardigan. Fast forward to 2021, and the jardigan family has grown to include a whole host of skirts, pants, dresses, tops, and layers in our beloved stretchy-yet-structured jardigan knit. The recently released Carlin tank is just the thing to wear when you want a comfy, easy underpinning, but with an elevated look.


An M.M.-Employee-Approved Sweater

The Arbus sweater has a bit of a following, not only among M.M. customers, but also within our team (most of us own it in at least two colors). Made from responsibly produced cashmere, it’s a little bit cropped, a little bit oversized, and extremely handy for cozy-ifying your wardrobe. Personally, I love wearing mine over a sleeveless dress to create the look of separates.


Not-Your-Athleisure Leggings

Ideal for casual offices and Zoom days when you still want to feel put-together, the Stella leggings offer the stretch and recovery of workout gear, but with way more structure, polish, and coverage. Wear them with the matching Rashida top for a complete set, or try a blazer for an unexpected take on Power Casual™.


A Deceptively Gorgeous Dress

The Joanna dress is one of those pieces that looks so good, it’s almost unfair how comfortable it is. Made from our sleek and smoothing Worth fabric, this figure-skimming number has a classic look, but with modern details (a subtle square neckline, a side slit) that make it feel fresh. Machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, and super stretchy, it’s ideal for days when you’re on the go.


A Secretly Stretchy Jacket

We often talk about the thoughtful design details and meticulous production processes behind our beautiful Interweave jackets. What we don’t mention enough is that they’re also ridiculously comfortable. The Lilia has the vibe of a luxurious vintage tweed jacket, but when you put it on, you’ll realize that it’s actually incredibly lightweight and just as stretchy as your favorite cardigan.


A Twist-Proof Pencil Skirt

Before I worked at M.M., I avoided wearing pencil skirts, because they always rode up and twisted when I started walking. But then I discovered the Noho skirt, which combines the look and versatility of a typical pencil skirt with a stretchy fabric called WonderTex that allows you to move with ease. In the words of one customer: “Give your team props for the Noho skirt—I walked 2 miles to work today, and it didn’t twist around like typical pencil skirts do.”


A Work-Appropriate Sweatshirt

It might sound strange, because it’s just a black sweatshirt, but I get compliments on the Para almost every time I wear it. And maybe that’s because really, it’s not just a black sweatshirt—it’s an elegantly draped, just-oversized-enough, casual-but-not-sloppy black sweatshirt that looks equally chic with joggers and trousers.


Jeans without Sacrifice

PSA: Jeans don’t have to be uncomfortable to look good. Take the Milo jeans, for instance. These bestsellers capture that right-on-trend, wide-legged and high-waisted look, but they’re made from a super-comfortable Turkish two-way stretch cotton that means you won’t be undoing your top button after a big meal (been there).

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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