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1 Pair of Pants, 5 Body Types

Proof that the Curie pant looks good on everyone.

By Nyjerah Cunningham

Let’s talk about body types. I know: talking about your frame can be uncomfortable—and if you’re not used to shopping for your shape, a little daunting. There are plenty of questions to consider: Will those pants have enough room in the hips? Which top is best for my shape? Come to think of it, what is my body shape? 

I’m here to say, embrace it all. Don’t shy away from a style you know in your heart was meant to be yours, just because you think it won’t complement your shape. Because here’s the thing: Dressing for your body type isn’t just about picking items that “flatter” you—in fact, we don’t even like to use that word. It’s about making your wardrobe work for you and styling the pieces you love in whatever way makes you feel like your best self.

With that said, our design team thought a lot about body types when they were working on refitting the Curie pant. This new-and-improved style was made to look great on all body types (it even comes in two inseam-length options)—as long as you have a few styling tricks up your sleeves. So let’s work little wardrobe magic together. Below, I’ve outlined the five most common body types and explained how to identify yours. Use these tips to make the Curie pant work for you—and never be afraid to switch things up to add your personal touch.

For Straight Shapes

If your bust and hips are proportionally similar, and your silhouette is a straight line from top to bottom, you have a straight body type.

If you have a straight body type, try playing with proportion to create definition and using clothes to emphasize the shape you want. For example, try adding a belt, jacket, or both if you want to define your waist. The Curie pant in black looks great with the new Delphine top in camel for a chic black-and-beige palette. Add the cropped Neale jacket, the Sedgwick belt, the Ella sandals, and the Karis earrings to pull it all together.

For Hourglass Shapes

If your shoulders align proportionally with your hips and create a defined waistline, you have an hourglass body type.

The Curie is full of waist-defining details, like belt loops and a high rise, making it a great choice for hourglass shapes. Pair the Curie pants with a fitted top like the silk-jersey Dae, and tuck in the top to highlight your shape. The comfy Rowan flats in snakeskin and the large-but-lightweight Briar earrings complete this lovely spring ensemble.

For Oval Shapes

If you have less distinction between your bust, waist, and hips, with a slightly fuller midsection, you have an oval body type.

Comfort through the midsection is most important here. Structured fabrics (think sharkskin and tropical wool) help to maintain a tailored shape, but silky fabrics and flowy silhouettes are just as great, because they give you freedom to play around with shape. The silk Wren top’s blousy design can be worn untucked to de-emphasize the waist, or tucked in (with a belt!) to create more waist definition. The Rowan flats in rose bring out the beautiful pink hues in our silk desert print, while the goldKaris earrings highlight the bursts of orange.

For Pear Shapes

If your hips are proportionally larger than your top half, creating a defined waist, you have a pear body type.

The Curie pant has a form-fitting cut, so some pear-shaped women find it a bit revealing in the hips. Introducing layers or reaching for longer tops can help with coverage. The Gaia jacket is a great choice, because it adds structure to your top half and provides a roomy fit through the hips, thanks to its pleating details. Try it over the silk Lisey cami, and add the Amy earrings and Koio sneakers for a complete power-casual look.

For Heart Shapes

If your bust is larger than your hips, you have a heart body type.

For heart shapes, it’s all about finding pieces that offer comfort through the bust and shoulders—so your choice of fabric and silhouette is key. Pieces with plenty of stretch will work well for you. The Leo top is all-around perfect, because it’s made from our stretchy silk jersey and has a bust-friendly V-neck. For extra coverage, add the Vicky tank underneath. With the Ella sandals and Claressa earrings, you’ll be looking (and feeling) your best in no time.

Written By

Nyjerah Cunningham

Nyjerah is the Brand Stylist at M.M.LaFleur, and a lover of all things style-related. Her wardrobe motto is simple: take risks and wear them well.

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