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15 Customer Reviews That Prove You Need These On-Sale Styles

The best steals from our Summer Sale, according to your fellow M.M. fans.

By Emma Steinbergs

If you’ve ever read through product reviews on the M.M. website, you know that our customers have a way with words. But they’re not only remarkably eloquent (and riotously funny) in their writing; they also have high standards when it comes to their closets. Who better to lend an unbiased opinion as you browse our big Summer Sale this week? 

Without further ado, here are 15 styles that have won the hearts of M.M. fans and happen to be on sale right now.

The Horton Pant

($207 $295)

“Why didn’t I buy this pant sooner?! I am short (5’1″) so thought I would lose all the flare when I hemmed these pants—I was happy to be wrong! Even after hemming, they still have a flare. THANK YOU M.M. for giving me long legs!”

—A customer with legs for days

The Lagarde Shirt

($137 $195)

“I’ve worn the Lagarde shirt on its own, as a jacket, layered under a blazer, tucked, untucked, on television, presenting at a conference, on top of a mountain in Switzerland, and in 120-degree weather in Yuma, Arizona.”

—A customer who’s going places

The Malala Dress

($100 $235)

“Saw this dress on another woman, and when I asked her what brand it was, she said my favorite name: M.M.LaFleur! While we chatted, she put her hands in her pockets, and I was immediately sold.”

—A customer with a penchant for pockets

The Marlowe Skirt

($165 $235)

“Insanely flattering and so comfortable. The fabric has some heft to it, and there’s no visible waistband that can grab you in the wrong places. Please, please make this in more colors!”

—A customer who asked nicely

The Moreland Jacket

($168 $335)

“Here I am on day three of a work trip in a heat wave, looking stunning and completely comfortable. I’ll wear the same jacket again tomorrow without any worries about smelling off or looking unkempt.”

—A customer who’s feeling confident

The Chadwick Sweater

($179 $255)

“Such an underrated piece. It doesn’t jump off the page, but it feels and looks fabulous. I was bewildered as to why this was Sarah LaFleur’s favorite sweater—until I tried it. Once I put it on, it all made sense. I now have it in four colors.”

—A customer who finally gets it

The Skinny Foster Pant

($153 $255)

“The search for the perfect pant is over. So flattering, comfortable, elegant, and versatile. I couldn’t believe they’re machine-washable.”

—A customer who’s ended her quest

The Lisey Cami

($137 $195)

“This is the best-quality silk top I have ever owned. I even had to wash it after spilling coffee on it, and it still looks great. Also, there are no snags even after wearing it tucked in. Love that it’s petite-friendly due to adjustable straps. This cami is a wardrobe must-have.”

—A customer who’s keeping things real

The Madelyn Pant

($118 $235)

“To be honest, I didn’t think I would like these at first glance, but once I tried them on, I was immediately in love.”

—A customer who’s willing to be wrong

The Priya Dress

($172 $245)

“The perfect travel dress! This can be dressed down with flat sandals and a belt or dressed up with evening shoes and sparkly jewelry. No wrinkles and rolls up thin.”

—A customer who knows how to pack

The Tinsley Trouser

($147 $245)

“Beautiful craftsmanship in an elevated fabric. I wear them with a blouse and low heel during the week and with a T-shirt, a moto-jacket, and sneakers on the weekend.”

—A customer who deserves a degree in versatility

The Janette Jacket

($277 $395)

“I can’t believe how well this jacket fits. It is a genius design—perfectly cut, polished, and comfortable. As soon as I put it on, I had the sinking feeling that I needed it in all the colors.”

—A customer who can’t get enough

The O'Hara Blazer

($255 $425)

“Just as fun as I imagined. I want some personality—not to look like everyone else.”

—A customer who stands out in a crowd

The Zhou Culotte

($249 $355)

“These pants are the coolest thing since sliced bread!”

—A customer with an appetite for fancy pants

The Jillian Dress

($188 $375)

“I just had the opportunity to wear my Jillian dress, and I have to say: My hat is completely off to the designer. I have never felt more beautiful with less effort.”

—A customer who’s thoroughly impressed

Shop the full Summer Sale here.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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