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Five Work Outfits You Can Actually Move in

A chic Monday-through-Friday wardrobe that passes the cab test.

By Madeleine Kim

When I first started working at M.M. as a stylist, part of my training involved learning about the team’s design process. I got to sit in on fittings, give feedback on samples, and watch as sketches transformed into three-dimensional garments before my eyes. As someone who was new to working in fashion, I found it all very exciting.

Something that makes M.M. different from most fashion companies is the amount of time we take to design each garment. Every style we create goes through multiple rounds of fittings, and it takes about a year for a style to turn from an idea into a physical product you can buy on our website. As I learned about this process, I was especially struck by something that our design team calls “the cab test.” For each piece they create, they ensure that you can hail, climb into, and sit in a cab without feeling restricted or unintentionally flashing someone. It sounds like a no-brainer, but I’ve owned many pieces throughout my life that would fail such a test miserably.

Ease of movement is integral to everything we create, and that’s part of why our capsule designed in partnership with WNBA team the New York Liberty makes so much sense. Athletes understand better than anybody how important it is to be able to move in your clothes—and even if you’re spending more time at a desk than on a court, you should have a wardrobe that allows you to bend, stretch, reach, and move with ease. So, inspired by our collaboration, I decided to put together a movement-friendly outfit for every day of the work week.

To make it into this story, the outfits had to pass a few of my own tests. Some things I did comfortably in these pieces:

  • Sit in my desk chair cross-legged (my position of choice)
  • Crouch down to the ground to hug my dog, Quincy
  • Reach up to the high shelf in my closet to reset the Internet router (unplanned, but actually a good indicator of stretch and mobility)
  • Make and eat lunch (pasta, yum)
  • Take Quincy on a stroll around the block

And now, the outfits!

Shop all the looks from this story here.


If I’m being honest, my first instinct on a Monday is to wear the closest thing to pajamas that I can get away with. But I’ve found that adding a little structure to my look helps with the mental transition from weekend to work week. Luckily, the washable silk Vicky tank (now in seafoam, the official color of the New York Liberty) feels just like a super-luxurious pajama top. I’ve paired it with my stretchy Milo jeans, Shop-Pêche loafers, and the Dolly jacket—a piece that frankly doesn’t get enough credit. It’s oversized enough to be super comfortable, but not so oversized that it’s difficult to style, and the subtle mint-green stripes in the plaid give it a sense of personality.


My Tuesdays tend to be meeting-packed, so I like to wear something that pops on Zoom. At the same time, I’m self-aware enough to know that I’ll lose patience with anything that’s too tight or stiff before I even hit lunchtime. Stretchy yet polished pieces like the Evangline jardigan, the Sabine top, and the Allyn pants keep me feeling comfortable all day long—and if my husband and I decide to have an impromptu date night, I can just lose the jardigan and slip on some cute sandals, and I’m ready to go.


You might not think of a silk slip skirt as particularly movement-friendly, but the Orchard isn’t your average skirt. This piece has the sleek, figure-skimming look you want from a slip skirt, but it’s purposefully cut with sufficient room through the hips and legs to squat, bend, and even jog, should you feel so inspired. It’s also machine-washable, and the Sahara print hides any minor wrinkles that may arise throughout the day (yes, when you wear silk, wrinkles are just part of life). Here, I’ve styled it with the Leo pullover, which dresses the skirt down without leaning too casual for work.


My favorite piece from the New York Liberty capsule is the Annika tee in borough print, which—fun fact—was created out of vintage maps of NYC. Aside from how special it feels to pay homage to M.M.’s founding city (and my former home), I also just love how lightweight, luxurious, and easy it feels on my body. I’ve paired it with the Better Than Denim Daria jeans, the Emalis jacket, the Lennon earrings, and my grandmother’s loafers. I may look like I’m headed into the office, but I felt like I could curl up on the couch.


Your office may not do Summer Fridays, but you can still dress like it! Light neutrals in summertime just works—especially when you go for styles with slightly different shades. Pairing a white collared shirt like the Leo pullover with wide-leg jeans like the Milo is an ultra-easy way to look chic. Add accessories like a baseball cap, a silk scarf, and chunky earrings to complete the look. (Also, a PSA: I bought the Koio Elba slides from our sale section a couple of weeks ago, and I basically haven’t worn another shoe since. Don’t miss out on these.)

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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