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Summer Snapshots: Four Style Experts Share Inspiration from Their Personal Camera Rolls

Featuring Chrissy Rutherford, Anna Albury, Beverly Nguyen, and Meghan Donovan.

By Emma Steinbergs

This summer, we’re encouraging you to make every day a little more exceptional—by wearing works of art, stretching yourself in new ways, taking vacations in clothing form, and reframing mundane moments as creative muses lying in wait.

To help you see your own day-to-day in a new light, we asked four of our friends to capture snapshots of what a typical week looks like for them and answer questions about how they’re staying inspired. Scroll to see how Chrissy Rutherford, Anna Albury, Beverly Nguyen, and Meghan Donovan are kindling their creative spark this sunny season—and shop the M.M. pieces they’re wearing along the way.

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Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy is a writer, brand consultant, and mental health advocate who’s worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years.

On where she finds inspiration…

I’m always really inspired by my friends. My best friend is a therapist, but she makes incredible pottery. Another one of my close friends is a bridal designer. I also have friends who are really talented writers, and I just love seeing the different ways in which they embody creativity.

I also love falling down rabbit holes on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. That said, sometimes, this can actually have the opposite effect and lead to creative overload for me. I think the most reliable remedy for a rut is looking outside of all your usual places—or even taking a break from looking for creative inspiration at all. I’ll often end up finding inspiration from really simple things that bring me joy, like an old movie or a magazine I loved as a teenager.

On what she’s wearing…

I’m always drawn to gingham during the summer. I love looking like I’m ready for a picnic at a moment’s notice. Also, you can never go wrong with denim on denim, so I love the Kane jacket with the Christy pant—like a Canadian tuxedo but really polished and surprisingly comfy. I wore this specific set to meet a friend for a slice of pizza. The Milo jeans are definitely my new favorite. The cut and fit are perfect for any occasion. 

Anna Albury

Anna is a textile designer, interior stylist, and the co-founder of the Cool Stuff NYC newsletter.

On how she’s spending her summer…

I spend 90% of my summer free time picnicking with my husband and our friends in Prospect Park. We host pizza and wine parties (as well as an annual hotdog-themed party) and use the picnic tables and grills as our own personal backyard.

In terms of my interior design work, I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit lately. I recently returned from a 2.5-week-long trip around Europe—covering Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and London. All of the amazing design, colors, and food I consumed during these travels has me feeling so reinvigorated. The colorful mix-match palettes in Copenhagen, the sleek kitchens in Amsterdam, the imposing architecture and floral patterns in Stockholm, and all of the wisteria and green grass in London have been informing the way I’ve been thinking and designing ever since I’ve been home.

On what she’s wearing…

On a sunny, warm day, I’ll throw on the chambray Pepper dress for an easy, one-and-done outfit that I can wear to the office then to dinner with a friend. On the flip side, one of my favorite looks for a drizzly day is a cropped jacket like the Nicky or Kane with a cozy T-shirt underneath. It feels weather-appropriate and lightweight while also bringing a bit of charm into an otherwise dreary day. My other must-have right now is the Elena culottes. They look stylish and professional, but wearing them feels like you’re at home in pajamas. I’ll pair them with a long-sleeved, striped button-down for a slightly oversized look.

Beverly Nguyen

Beverly is a stylist, designer, and the owner of home-goods store Beverly’s.

On NYC as a muse…

I’m always inspired by living in New York. Right now, it’s the time of year where everything has blossomed, the weather is spot-on, and the city just feels magical. People-watching and spending time outdoors is a great way to digest style and design. While I don’t really get in creative ruts, I often need to get outside of my head and out from behind the computer. Taking a walk through the park with friends is my go-to antidote for feeling creatively refreshed.

On what she’s wearing…

For an especially eventful day the other week, I wore the Leo pullover with my Milo jeans, which made me feel chic, pulled together, and comfortable all day. I started at a photoshoot, embarked on a little food tour of Brooklyn, attended a basketball game, and finished with cocktails. Even though it’s long-sleeved, this sweater was suitable for every environment. It’s really become part of my regular rotation this summer. It’s so breathable and cozy all at once.

Meghan Donovan

Meghan is the creator of wit & whimsy, a lifestyle blog established in 2006, and the founder of En Route to Rêverie, which offers bespoke travel planning services.

On her summer luxuries…

A major highlight of my summer is eating al fresco. I love when the evenings feel long, and I love to luxuriate in being hyper-present while eating a great meal outdoors.

I travel a lot for work, and indulging in a luxury hotel can go a long way in terms of my energy levels. I find the attention to detail and branding at five-star hotels so fascinating. The hospitality industry has actually inspired a lot of the way I show up for my two brands, wit & whimsy and En Route to Rêverie. The level of customer service at luxury hotels is above and beyond, which reminds me to keep my clients front and center in everything that I do.

On what she’s wearing…

I never travel without my Leslie T-shirts and Vicky tanks. They pack so well, steam out beautifully, and are so versatile. The cuts are timeless and make for workhorse layering pieces under all of the blazers and jackets I love to wear year round. My newest favorite M.M style is the Janette blazer. The fabric is so smooth, and details like the covered buttons make it all-around impeccable. It’s effortless, put-together, and instantly elevates any outfit.

Shop all the looks from this story here.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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