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What to Wear to Work This Summer

Fashion writer and Editor of The Love List, Jess Graves, styles one (washable) blazer four ways.

By Jess Graves

WFH, Corporate Fetish, OOO… since 2020, we’ve dismantled and disrupted what work looks like and where. Based on comments and DMs from my readers, it’s caused a bit of a closet kerfuffle. I see lots of questions about commuting, seasonal office dressing, and not feeling frumpy when working from home.

But who wants to buy clothes only for the office? What a joyless shop!

I’ve partnered with M.M.LaFleur to answer the question of work-appropriate pieces that go beyond the confines of the cubicle.

As you likely know, M.M.LaFleur was formed in response to the frustration that founder Sarah LaFleur encountered when trying to find good-looking, functional clothes. She rightly thinks taking the aggravation out of composing an outfit means you can redirect your energy into the stuff that matters to you. So, she set out to create a line of interchangeable classics with pitch-perfect fit.

Comfort remains my top priority, so I took one of M.M.’s polished blazers for a test spin after Sarah said that their design team strives for “not just comfortable-for-a-blazer comfort, but ‘I could nap in this’ comfort.”

She’s not wrong. This blazer was so easy to hang out in all day that I think it traverses every kind of environment — work and otherwise.

Shop all the looks from this story here.

The Piece

Given the time of year, I went for the brand’s Janette blazer, which is constructed of lightweight Italian Ponte. It holds its shape without wrinkling, breathes on a warm day, and has a super-streamlined collarless design. More impressive, it’s machine-washable.


While staying in your pajamas all day is your prerogative, I personally do better work when I get myself dressed. Over a T-shirt, the Janette blazer felt like pajamas. I ran errands in 70-degree weather, had a coffee and a Zoom meeting, and hammered out a few hours of writing at my desk without tugging at my clothes all day. I forgot I was wearing it.

Formal Office

A more structured office environment gives self-expression some guardrails, which is always an engaging challenge. Try a cheeky collared shirt under your blazer for a little punch of color or a modern mule with a still-sensible heel height. Structured pants with lots of give (and a hem that lets out easily) ground the look and play well with others in your closet without compromising comfort.

Summer Friday

Is there anything better than a four-day week? Thrown over a polished boxer and T-shirt, an all-black look hides a manner of sweaty summer sins and still looks cool on your Citarella run. Finish it with a cheerful little basket, a youthful pink cheek, and on-trend jelly sandals.

Bon Weekend

Rooftop apertivo in the city or beachside beers out East: no matter. A lightweight, suitcase-friendly blazer or cotton knit thrown over the shoulder of a white poplin dress screams, “I gave it no thought to look this good.” Finish it with a statement earring, a summery bag, and a slicked-back bun. Cheers.

Shop all the looks from this story here.

Written By

Jess Graves

Jess Graves is a fashion writer and the Editor of The Love List, a style newsletter about the culture of shopping.

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