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10 Women Anonymously Share the Gift They Secretly Want This Year

Game-changing glasses, unheard-of energy levels, and elusive skincare routines: These requests range from delightfully random to downright relatable.

By Emma Steinbergs

Some years ago in the late 1990s, I uncapped my favorite gel pen and proceeded to scribble out my boldest Christmas list to date. Its contents included: “a real live dog, a real live kitten, toe socks, hair ribbons, earrings, a figure skating dress, and a computer.” When I rediscovered this artifact on a recent trip home, I chuckled at this overly ambitious curation. But I was also inspired by my lack of inhibition.

Said Chrismas Christmas list.

It made me curious: What would our holiday wishlists look like if we wrote them like our childhood selves—oblivious to social norms, physical limits, and financial constraints? So as a fun, festive exercise, I asked 10 women to anonymously share the gift they secretly want this year. Here are their answers.


“A desk chair built for me and my dog.”

Devoted dog mom—but make it professional.


“The energy of a 20-something Peloton instructor.”

For those days when all you want to do is pass out on the couch.


“Jennifer Lopez’s skincare regimen.”

Rumor has it she doesn’t drink. Sigh.


“A pair of nail clippers that catches the flying clippings.”

PSA: These do exist!


“A trench dress that makes me look like a chic spy.”

To live out your Carmen Sandiego dreams.


“Those hilarious ‘horizontal’ reading glasses.”

Peak. Laziness.


“Any device invented by Lord Dyson.”

Anyone else on Airwrap TikTok?


“A subscription to BritBox—the streaming service basically made for old ladies.”

Agatha Christie fans unite!


“A heated towel bar like you find in European bathrooms.”

Random but ingenious.


“A fifth Arbus sweater.”

It is the perfect turtleneck if you ask me. (Okay, this one was me.)

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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