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The Smartest Buys from Our Best of 2022 Bundle, According to M.M. Employees

Our customers can’t get enough of these pieces—and neither can we.

By Emma Steinbergs

Our Best of 2022 bundle speaks for itself. Featuring 13 top-selling styles, it’s a curation of the very best this year had to offer. But why are these styles so beloved? To paint a picture, we turned to some of our most detail-oriented, opinionated customers: ourselves. Here’s what seven M.M. employees have to say about their picks from the Best of 2022 bundle.

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1. The Merritt Jardigan and Hockley Jeans

Cindy, Graphic Designer

“The Merritt was one of the first pieces that caught my eye when I joined M.M. I fell in love with the look of this knit jacket in navy paired with jeans. The color, combined with the Merritt’s ideal weight, makes it so versatile for any time of year. You can also wear it tied or untied, which only expands its styling possibilities. For a chic monochromatic look, I’ll be pairing it with the Hockley jeans in ink. Trust me when I tell you that you simply cannot understand what’s so great about our Better Than Denim fabric until you feel it for yourself. It has the structure and weight of denim and the comfort and stretch of leggings. In other words, you can wear the Hockleys to dinner and look put-together without feeling constricted.”

2. The Horton Pants and Vicky Tank

Maddie, Senior Brand Manager

“I’ve been coveting the Horton pants for a while, and this bundle is the perfect opportunity to finally make them mine! While I don’t have a need for business formal outfits, I’ve found that pairing trousers with sneakers and a T-shirt is an easy way to create a Power Casual look (it’s kind of like the inverse of wearing a blazer with jeans). And of course, I can’t not scoop up the Vicky tank—who doesn’t love washable silk?”

3. The Tatum Top and Milo Jeans

Anna, Senior E-Commerce Associate

“I’m buying the Tatum and Milo from our Best of 2022 Bundle for several reasons. First off: the Tatum top. Machine-washable silk? Who gave M.M. permission?! I’ll be snagging the Sahara print since I’m a leopard print fiend, and I plan to wear it open as a shacket over my Axam turtleneck during these chilly months. As for the Milo jeans, these are a no-brainer. I’m 5’2”, so the adjustable hems are wonderful for changing up the length based on what shoes I want to wear. I love that the wide silho

4. The Colby Pants and Cynthia Dress

Emma, Senior Brand Associate

“The Colby pants have gotten me through peak quarantine during 2020, important meetings at the office, and chic date nights at the hottest neighborhood restaurant. So naturally, I’ve been wanting another pair, especially now that I can get them at 30% off. My other purchase will be a bit more indulgent. I don’t wear tailored work dresses often, but I’ve been obsessed with the Cynthia dress ever since it first launched. This is kind of weird to fixate on, but my favorite aspect of this dress is the matching, fabric-covered belt, which accentuates your waist without breaking you in half. The other detail that sells this piece for me is the square neckline.”

5. The Moreland Jacket and Cobble Hill Skirt

Maria, Director of Brand Communications & Partnerships

“I don’t have to wear a full suit to work, but I do love to embrace blazers and matching sets when I go into the office. (Yes, it’s true: I own five different O’Hara blazers.) While OrigamiTech has been around long enough to become a tried and true, best-selling fabric, I’m just now introducing it into my own closet. I recently bought the Colby pants, so I’ll be buying the Moreland jacket from the bundle to complete my lightweight, machine-washable set. And since I have a weakness for skirt suits, I’m planning to grab the classic Cobble Hill skirt to go with the matching Yiyan blazer that I already own.”

6. The Nejvi Top and Neale Jacket

Sam, Senior Planning Associate

“I spend many hours analyzing our merchandise each week, and the sheer number of Nejvi tops we sell has finally convinced me that I need it. Personally, I’ll be buying it in blossom, but it’s hard to pick because all the colors are super versatile. I’ve also been wanting a cool, structured jacket that I can wear to the office or out and about with jeans on the weekend, so I’ll be getting the Neale jacket while I’m at it. I’m 5’6”, but this slightly cropped style is also a huge hit with our peti te customers!”

7. The Nora Top and (Metallic) Merritt Jardigan

Kathleen, Senior CRM Associate

“I love the Nora top because, in my eyes, it’s the perfect balance of comfort and style. It also works as the ideal lightweight underpinning with go-to jackets. Speaking of which, I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of the metallic version of the Merritt jardigan. I already love this silhouette and have been eyeing our new, subtly festive take on it over the past month. I plan to wear it to my holiday gatherings over the next few weeks and then toss it on for Zoom meetings (as I do with my regular Merritt) throughout the winter.”

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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