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10 Clothing Innovations We’re Thankful for This Year

From adjustable hems to zero-waste knits, we’re delighting in the details.

By Emma Steinbergs

As the year comes to a close, the holiday season is a built-in opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months—in ways both big and small. While I’m most thankful for good health, my job, and time spent with friends and family, I’ve also been thinking about little wins in an effort to cultivate more gratitude amidst my day-to-day. In addition to my morning coffee and proximity to a park, one thing that I’ve found I cherish most consistently is my closet full of beautiful, well-made clothes.

If you wear M.M. nearly every day of your life, as I do, you’ll know that it’s the thoughtful design details and highly functional fabrics that make our styles extra special. From lingerie snaps to machine-washable silk, these features aren’t flashy or even visually identifiable. But once you experience them for yourself, you’ll be grateful for the ease and innovation they bring to your wardrobe.

Below, discover 10 clothing innovations we’re especially thankful for this year.


Adjustable Hems

Several of our pant styles feature adjustable hems, meaning they work on a variety of heights without requiring a trip to the tailor. Try our #1 best-selling Foster pants for a fan favorite that’s famous for its feel-good fit. They pretty much never go on sale, so don’t miss your chance to give back while saving 20% (use code GIVETHANKS). And for a foolproof winter uniform, pair them with cozy knits like the Somers sweater.


Built-In Lingerie Snaps

We’ve all been there: You’re in a meeting or at a social event when you realize your bra strap has been sitting on your shoulder for who knows how long. It’s not a big deal, but it is easily avoidable. To avoid this scenario, we’ve built bra strap holders into many of our sleeveless styles, including the Cynthia dress.


Washable Satin and Silk

For luxurious looks that are equally low-maintenance, there’s Everyday Satin and washable silk. Try the Hyo jacket and Giana pants as a silky suit or the Alyssa jacket and Nene dress as a stunning set. You can wear any of these lustrous pieces at holiday parties now and on hot summer days later. And when you work up a sweat, just toss them in the wash.


Polygiene® Technology

Some of our bestsellers, like the Nejvi top, are treated with Polygiene®, an anti-odor finish. These pieces won’t hold smells, so you can wear them multiple times before each wash—saving water, money, and time.


Eco-Conscious Essentials

This year, we launched a new edition of our fan-favorite Soft Wave fabric: Eco Soft Wave. It’s made from 35% recycled materials, and all styles are treated with Polygiene®. As if go-to pieces like the Nora top weren’t already popular enough, they’re now eco-conscious and extra-easy-care to boot.


Upcycled Dresses

Thanks to innovative upcycling technology, each Recycled Wondertex dress we create gives up to 15 plastic bottles a beautiful new purpose. To make them even more eco-conscious, we’ve also treated these styles with Polygiene®. Can’t decide between these streamlined silhouettes? Start with the tried-and-true Etsuko dress, which has been around for nearly a decade.


No-Waste Knits

Made in Los Angeles with a specialized, zero-waste knitting technique, our 3D knit pieces don’t produce any unused material. Looking to add another go-to pullover to your rotation? Try the Chadwick sweater, which is cozy yet lightweight, so you can wear it this winter and well into the warmer months.


Travel-Friendly Suiting

If you’ve never tried our beloved OrigamiTech suiting, you’re missing out. Featuring a lightweight feel, machine-washability, and wrinkle-resistance, pieces like the Moreland jacket and Colby pants are ideal travel companions. Even if you don’t travel for work or typically wear suiting, these styles are still great options if you want to look polished while feeling like you’re wearing athleisure.


Jeans That Are Better Than Denim

Our Better Than Denim is, well, better than denim. How? Turkish two-way stretch cotton provides non-stiff comfort and excellent recovery that you just don’t find in a typical jean. For example, the straight-leg Hockleys will have you saying goodbye to baggy knees and hello to all-day ease.


Stretch Crepe Stunners

Our stretch crepe dresses are not only timelessly refined but also secretly relaxed. Crafted with artful draping and Japanese fabric, these silhouettes are sophisticated in both look and feel. In the market for a work dress that you can repurpose for special events? Go with the Ciela, which features elegant half-sleeves that work well in any season.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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