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The Best Thing I Bought From the M.M. Sale—and How I’m Styling It

It’s my new favorite piece. And it’s currently marked down by $200.

By Madeleine Kim

I’ll let you in on a little secret: M.M. sales are just as exciting for employees as they are for customers. And now that we’re having this wild end-of-year sale, I’m finally buying the pieces I’ve been noodling on for months. One of those pieces is the plush cashmere Theo pullover in maple, which is currently marked down by $200 (I told you—this sale is wild). Mine arrived on my doorstep about a week ago, and I pretty much haven’t taken it off since. 

One thing you need to know before buying a cashmere sweater is that not all cashmere is created equal. Things like fiber length, yarn width, and yarn quantity have a big impact on the handfeel of the cashmere (read: how soft it is), as well as the longevity (cashmere made from short fibers will pill quickly). Our plush cashmere uses long fibers and an extremely heavy gauge, which means it contains a large quantity of super-fine yarn. The result is a ridiculously soft, ultra-warm sweater that, when cared for properly, will only get better with age. 

Producing cashmere of this quality is not cheap, and—I won’t sugarcoat it—the Theo is an investment piece. But that’s exactly why the opportunity to get it on sale was so exciting. This is a sweater I know I’ll have for decades…and if somebody doesn’t stop me, I’ll definitely buy it in another color. Here’s how I’m styling my new Theo pullover right now.

For a Day of Zoom, Followed by Cocktails on the Couch

I work from home, so my weekday outfits tend to be heavily Zoom-oriented. (In other words: I’m very into lapels.) I wore this outfit on a day when I had friends coming over right after work, so I could go straight from my desk to sipping cocktails on the couch. To create the look, I layered my Theo over an older M.M. poplin button-down that’s very similar to the Mila shirt, leaving the top few buttons undone to match the sweater’s wide neckline. I wore it with stretchy black pants, but it would also look great with the Milo jeans in tusk or the vegan leather Harrington leggings. At some point in the evening, I started getting a little too warm, so I took the Theo off and draped it over my shoulders for a cozy, preppy look.

For Date Night at My Favorite Wine Bar

I love going out on nights when people typically stay in, because restaurants and bars are less crowded. Also, it kind of feels like a bonus, or like I’m getting away with something. So last week, my husband and I went on an impromptu weeknight date at an Italian restaurant (where I got cacio e pepe and practically licked the plate clean), followed by a trip to our favorite Austin wine bar. Wearing the Theo was an easy choice. I dressed it down with light-wash jeans and sneakers but kept things elevated with an oversized vintage blazer (similar to the Kati) and some layered necklaces. The host at the restaurant complimented my outfit, so I’m going to go ahead and call this one a victory.

For an Early Morning Walk with My Dog

I’m not an early riser by nature, so I’m often running a little bit late in the morning. Because of that, I like to wear clothes that are comfortable but presentable on my pre-work dog walks. That way, if I have a Zoom meeting soon after I get home, I don’t have to frantically change my clothes. Ever since the Theo came into my life, I’ve been throwing it on over staples like the Axam turtleneck or Leslie T-shirt, depending on the temperature, plus a pair of comfy leggings. Cozy, stretchy, polished—this outfit checks all the boxes.

Bonus: Naptime

I’ve had the Theo for about a week, and I’ve already fallen asleep in it on the couch twice. Photos of this do exist, but I’ve decided to spare you. Instead, here’s me with my dog, who has deemed the Theo officially approved for cuddling.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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