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Fall Colors to Wear All Year Round

Dusty fossil, bright clementine, rich camel—you can wear these colors all year round.

By Madeleine Kim

Back in my stylist days, I’d often work with M.M. customers who liked to curate their wardrobes around seasonal palettes. “I’m a ‘winter,’ so I can only wear cool jewel tones,” they’d say, or, “I’m a ‘fall,’ so I never wear blue.” There’s something to be said for creating wardrobe guardrails and narrowing down your choices to make shopping easier. But working within a set color palette can also be limiting and may even stop you from considering pieces that could end up as favorites.

As you reimagine your wardrobe for life in 2023 and beyond, why not challenge yourself to think outside the color-coded box? Maybe you’ll try a bold new hue you never knew you could pull off. Or maybe you’ll brave brunch in an all-white outfit—as long as everything is machine-washable. 

Let’s start with an easy one: Rethinking old norms about which colors are “seasonally appropriate.” Dusty greens, rusty reds, rich camels—it all sounds just a tad autumnal, like they’re reserved for your fall wardrobe. But I’d argue that you can mix and match these colors all year round, outside of your fall outfits. In fact, wearing unexpected colors for the season is a simple way to make a statement. Here’s how to style four of our favorite fall-reminiscent tones this summer—and beyond.

Fall Colors To Wear


For Warm Weather

Wearing fall colors in summer silhouettes feels a little contrarian and a lot chic. Opt for an Aubry top and Adina shorts to keep you cool. The gold Claressa earrings will complete your color palette.

For In-Between Weather

Pro tip: To ease Earth-toned tops into warmer months, pair them with some light, neutral bottoms. The Malley top in Mars looks right at home with the Mejia pants in natural melange. The Rowan flats in snake-print and two-tone Mardy earrings add subtle flair to the ensemble.

For Cool Weather

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a polished top, comfortable jeans, and fresh sneakers. Pair your Malley top with some stretchy FRAME jeans and a pair KOIO x M.M. sneakers, you’ll be ready for anything.


For Warm Weather

The Giada top in fossil doesn’t just look perfect for summer—it’s also super-breathable and wrinkle-resistant (meaning it’s overnight bag-ready). Pair it with the Adina shorts in butter and the Rowan flats in snakeskin for a complete outfit you’ll want to wear all weekend long.

For In-Between Weather

The Cookie cardigan has full-length sleeves, but its light, airy fabric means you won’t overheat. Tuck it into the flowy Zhou culottes and add the Beebe belt for a look that’s both easy and on-trend.

For Cool Weather

If you haven’t tried the Milo jeans—stretchy, slightly swingy, and surprisingly versatile—I recommend that you do so at your earliest convenience. Pair them with the Cookie cardigan in fossil and some gold hoops for a fit that’s relaxed but not overwhelming.


For Warm Weather

Cmael paired with blood orange is a color combination straight out of left field—and that’s what makes it so great. Pair the Paige top with the Colby pants for an outfit that feels simple but looks like the work of a seasoned style pro (because it is).

For In-Between Weather

The Remington henley and Cobble Hill skirt both have subtle texture that makes them look extra elevated in person. Pair these two together for a color-blocked look, and add some heeled sandals when you’re ready to head out the door.

For Cool Weather

Cool weather calls for comfy outfits. Try the Axam turtleneck with the Milo jeans in tusk and leopard-print Grace loafers for a tonal outfit that’s relaxed yet put-together.


For Warm Weather

Sometimes, all you really have energy to throw on is a T-shirt dress. Luckily, the Cassandra dress in blood orange pretty much speaks for itself, thanks to its rich color and beautifully textured knit. Add a lightweight jacket and some hoops if you want to accessorize a bit.

For In-Between Weather

The thing about in-between weather days is that you can go from sweltering to shivering within a matter of hours. A simple solution: Pair your jeans with a lightweight tank top, like the Paige tank, but keep the Jo sweater handy in case it gets cold.

For Cool Weather

Our blood orange color was a hit since it first launched this past February, so I recommend stocking up on this limited-edition color now. Style your Moreland jacket as a shirt by buttoning it up all the way, and pair it with your trusty Foster pants in saddle. Each piece is travel-friendly and wrinkle-resistant, so you’re good to go anywhere, all year long.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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