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how to style a black blazer

How To Style a Black Blazer Six Ways

This styling staple looks great with everything from shorts to slip dresses. Here’s how to wear it.

By Madeleine Kim

In our Rewrite the Rules series, we lay out the basics of building—and maintaining—your ideal Power Casual wardrobe. This installment features a wardrobe staple that deserves more credit than it gets: the black blazer.

The black blazer is one of those pieces that’s so ubiquitous, it’s become easy to take it for granted. As a result, this styling staple often doesn’t get the airtime it merits. We’re here to remedy that—and to show you that with a little creativity, a great black blazer can be one of the most useful styling tools in your wardrobe.

Below, check out some of our most popular options and learn how to style a black blazer with everything from a pair of shorts to a slip dress.

Black Blazers to Try

mmlafleur black blazers

1. The Porter Jacket: A chic, knit black-and-white blazer that looks like tweed but feels like a lightweight cardigan.

2. The Moreland Jacket: A blazer designed for travel—wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable, and ultra lightweight.

3. The Hyo Jacket: A fashion-forward blazer in Everyday Satin that instantly elevates an outfit.

4. The Jolie Jardigan: A stretchy knit jacket-cardigan combo featuring lapels and a slightly cropped hemline.

5. The Yiyan Blazer: A classic black blazer with stretchy knit inserts through the back for ease of movement.

6. The Merritt Jardigan: Our most popular jardigan, featuring an optional sash that cinches the waist.

How To Style A Black Blazer Six Ways

Outfit Idea #1

How to Use a Black Blazer to Dress Up Jeans

Pairing your blazers with jeans is a surefire way to achieve a balanced Power Casual look: not too casual, but not too formal, either. For this outfit, we’ve gone with one of our favorite chic color combos—black and navy—but you could also try this stretchy knit blazer with a white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans for a more suit-like look. Want to make this outfit a bit more casual? Sub in a menswear-inspired blazer for a relaxed, slightly oversized vibe.

How To Style a Black Blazer Six Ways
black blazer fashion

Outfit Idea #2

How to Style a Black Blazer for Business Travel

You might not think to wear a black blazer for a travel day, but once you’ve tried the Moreland, you’ll see—and feel—why this is the ideal outfit for a work trip. This blazer, along with the matching Colby pants, is made from a super lightweight fabric called OrigamiTech that’s made to be packed (read: wrinkle-resistant) and feels like you’re wearing a tracksuit. The only way to make this outfit even better? Choose the wrinkle-resistant, odor-resistant Emmy top as your underpinning.

Outfit Idea #3

How to Style a Black Blazer with Shorts

If you want to turn some heads at the next party you attend, reach for this chic black-and-white blazer outfit. Pairing a blazer with shorts might not seem like the most obvious choice, but that’s exactly what makes it so stylish. The Hyo jacket is made from our Everyday Satin, which has a slight sheen that makes it look extra elevated. Pair it with a black silk tank top, intricately embroidered shorts, and strappy sandals for a slightly formal black blazer outfit.

black blazer with heels
black blazer outfit idea

Outfit Idea #4

How to Style a Black Blazer with Bright Colors and Patterns

You can easily pair bright colors and patterns together by selecting solid-colored pieces that match the colors in the pattern. Take the Madelyn pants in rhythm print, for instance. The pattern includes both black and a vibrant green jewel tone called clover, so the Nora top and Jolie jardigan make for ideal pairings. Prefer a more toned-down look? Just swap the Nora top for your go-to white tee.

Outfit Idea #5

How to Style a Black Blazer for Work

You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to dress appropriately for the office. Try a fun black blazer outfit for work by pairing the classic Yiyan blazer with wide-leg trousers and a patterned silk T-shirt. Snakeskin-printed pumps and bold gold earrings pull together this playful yet polished ensemble.

How To Style a Black Blazer for Work
black blazer with dress

Outfit Idea #6

How to Style a Black Blazer with a Dress

We saved the best for last: This is one of the most comfortable and chic black blazer outfit ideas out there. Pair a stretchy slip dress like the Elsa with the knit Merritt jardigan and patterned Rowan flats for a look that could take you anywhere.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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