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Six Fashion-Forward Pieces Worth Trying—and How to Pull Them Off

Approachable ways to try that trend you can’t stop thinking about.

By Emma Steinbergs

At M.M., rather than reacting to trends that quickly cycle out of style, we spend our days designing timeless essentials you can rely on for years to come. We delight in wearing beautiful clothes but don’t take Fashion—with a capital F—too seriously. We might subscribe to Vogue, but we’re more likely to quote Zoolander than attend a runway show. At the same time, one of our core beliefs is that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and we encourage you to use clothing to connect with various aspects of your identity.

Our more “fashion-forward” pieces always strike this balance: They’re practical and classic in essence while also incorporating an unexpected element. To be clear, you won’t catch us releasing a micro miniskirt anytime soon—but you can bet we’ll make an unconventional, reimagined tuxedo dress and a perfectly slouchy satin jumpsuit that will stand out in the sea of dresses at the next party you attend.

Looking to venture outside of your clothing comfort zone? Here are six of our favorite fashion-forward pieces—and how I styled them the M.M. way.


A Sheer Top

To get in on the see-through trend, try a subtle style like Brodie top, which falls in the middle of the sheer-to-opaque spectrum (so much so that it doesn’t even require a camisole underneath!). You can make this top especially office-friendly by pairing it with classic suiting trousers and leather pumps. Personally, I prefer to wear my leather sneakers in order to keep things Power Casual. If you like to keep an extra layer on hand, add the matching Emerson cardigan for a chic, lightweight sweater set.


A Boyfriend Blazer

The O’Hara blazer is perhaps the M.M. team’s most beloved item. I don’t have hard stats for you right now, but I can tell you that many of us own multiple O’Haras. I myself have three. Why? Because this boyfriend-style blazer is boxy in the best way, meaning it fits over any top and gives your outfit non-stuffy structure. Naturally, it looks fantastic as a full suit with matching trousers, but for a more fashion-forward look, you can wear it with casual denim for a quintessentially Power Casual combination. Finish off your ready-within-minutes outfit with an elevated tank and black slides or loafers.


A Vest

When the Roo vest came out a couple of months ago, I initially thought I couldn’t pull off the vest-as-a-shirt look and was worried the unique acorn hue wouldn’t jive with the rest of my wardrobe. But once I witnessed my colleagues wearing the Roo (and our other Everyday Twill separates), I realized how wrong I was. It turns out a vest is a glorified sleeveless top, and acorn goes with so many colors in my closet—which means the styling options are endless. After trying out a few combinations, I decided that my favorite way to wear the Roo is with wide-leg pants. Since vests are inherently tailored, I found that more voluminous bottoms, like the Milo jeans, balance out my silhouette and achieve that fitted-relaxed dichotomy I find unfailingly stylish. A wide range of footwear works here, but I keep returning to my white sneakers and neutral flats. Tie this look together with gold hoops like the Ivy earrings, which pair back to acorn’s rich, warm tone.


Wide-Leg Jeans

Speaking of wide-leg jeans, they’re a super approachable style to start with if you’re eager to explore oversized dressing. Slip on a pair of the Milo jeans—a favorite among M.M. employees and customers alike—and you instantly exude chic nonchalance. Pair them with a breezy button-down for head-to-toe relaxation, or tuck in a fitted knit top for an extra-leggy silhouette (as I’ve done here). Complete your two-tone look with coordinating animal-print shoes and simple gold hoops.


Mom Jeans

Straight-leg jeans have been THE go-to denim cut for a few years now, but their neutral, wear-with-anything silhouette never goes out of style. While you should feel free to run wild with outfit pairings, try dressing them up with a classic button-down like the Lagarde shirt. I love this combination because the blousyness of the shirt against the structured (but flexible) Daria jeans creates a beautiful contrast in texture. Complement your oregano and alabaster palette with the black-and-olive Rowan flats plus the white-and-gold Esti earrings.


Leather Pants

Some of the most obvious pairings for our buttery vegan leather styles include sumptuous sweaters and edgy jackets, but be sure to maximize their use outside of the fall/winter season, too. To comfortably enjoy a leather look in warm weather, wear them with breathable pieces like our 100% pima cotton T-shirts. The relaxed cut of the Leslie T-shirt works particularly well with the Archie pants, which are fitted through the hips and feature a sleek kick-crop silhouette. Polished accessories like white sneakers, sparkly studs, and layered gold necklaces create an elevated everyday look.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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