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Easy Dresses Summer to Fall

Eight Easy Dresses That Will Get You Through the Rest of the Season

Cure your late-summer clothing confusion with these lightweight, easy-to-layer dresses.

By Emma Steinbergs

Picture this: It’s a crisp Tuesday, and you regret not bringing a jacket along with you. Wasn’t it 90 degrees less than 48 hours ago? Your lazy lakeside weekend is starting to feel like a distant memory, and that back-to-school shopping list lingers in the back of your mind.

Late summer is on the horizon, and soon, you’ll find yourself in transition—in terms of the weather, your pace of life, and of course, your wardrobe. For some of us, such ambiguity presents exciting styling opportunities—hello, chunky sweaters with shorts. For others, this in-between time is downright confusing. To which we say: Don’t stress—wear a dress.

Think about it: Dresses are the ultimate one-and-done outfits. Slip one on, choose a pair of shoes, and head out the door. If you’re wary of the weather, grab a go-to layer. Sound like a plan? Scroll to see eight of our favorite lightweight, easy-to-layer dresses—otherwise known as effortless outfits you can rely on this August and beyond.


The Priya Dress

We turned the best-selling Nora top into a dress! The result: A bias-cut beauty with a breathtaking, hip-friendly drape.

The Priya Dress
The Maaza Dress | mmlafleur Easy Dresses

The Maaza Dress

Made from our lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable OrigamiTech fabric, the Maaza dress was designed for travel—no more frantically changing after your flight.


The Marcella Dress

The trench-inspired Marcella dress is basically two styles in one. Wear it buttoned and cinched, or leave it undone as a vest over a pair of tailored trousers.

The Marcella Dress
The Jaycie Dress

The Jaycie Dress

The Jaycie is one of those super-classic dresses you feel obliged to own if you’re going to call yourself an adult. Its MVD (most valuable detail): the way the pockets are completely concealed beneath the fold of the skirt.


The Jeannine Dress

Classic sharkskin suiting meets divine draping in the power dress of your dreams. Wear the Jeannine to command the room before meeting friends for cocktails.

The Jeannine Dress | Easy Dresses Summer to Fall
mmlafleur The Taylor Dress

The Taylor Dress

Don’t get it twisted: Featuring deep pockets and machine-washability, the knot-front Taylor dress is just as practical as it is event-ready.


The Pauline Dress

The petite-friendly Pauline dress is defined by its lines: flattering diagonal seams, a unique square neckline, and a hip-friendly A-line skirt.

The Pauline Dress
mmlafleur The Jillian Dress

The Jillian Dress

Meet our #1 best-selling top, the Nejvi, in dress form. As if that’s not enough of an endorsement, let us point out a couple of elegant details, including the knee-length pencil skirt and thoughtfully placed gathering at the waist.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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