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Heritage Seven Collection
Heritage Seven Collection

In 2013, M.M.LaFleur launched our first-ever collection, consisting of just seven dresses. Those dresses went on to become some of our most iconic styles, and our customers have done incredible things in them—from traveling the world to getting married; from running for office to running hospitals during the height of Covid.

Over the decade that followed, our offering expanded far beyond those original dresses, but the approach we used remained the same: thoughtful construction, functional features, and beautiful, timeless designs.

As part of our ten-year anniversary celebration, we asked you, our customers, to vote for your favorite classic M.M. dresses. And now, we’re re-releasing an exclusive, limited-edition run of your top seven picks! These heritage styles—modeled by M.M. employees—run the gamut in terms of silhouette, but they all have one thing in common: They’re just as elegant, comfortable, and versatile today as they were ten years ago.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer just getting your M.M. wardrobe started, we’re excited to help you find the heritage pieces you’ll wear for the decade to come. Below, learn about the Heritage Seven and the adventures these dresses have had over the years.

Heritage Seven Collection Dresses

The Toi Dress

The Toi Dress
The Toi Dress review
A stretchy A-line favorite that works just as well with blazers as it does with party shoes. No wonder our customers have worn it everywhere from the courtroom to wine-tasting in Switzerland.
Original Birthdate: 2013 | Special Features: A-line shape, Twirly skirt, Full-coverage neckline

letter of recommendation:

“The Toi is one of my favorite M.M. dresses, and I’m beyond excited that we’re remaking it in Recycled WonderTex. This is the dress I’ll reach for when I have a presentation or conference, because it’s breathable, looks sharp, and stays flawless from 6am to 6pm. I’ll be buying this in every color. *chef’s kiss*”
—Kartinah, M.M.’s Director of Operations

Top endorsement:

“When I get dressed for trial, I like to imagine I’m putting on my armor. A good dress, sharp jacket, my wedding ring, and my grandmother’s necklace all make me feel like a warrior ready to fight for the victims.”
–Our customer Caitlin

The Masha Dress

The Masha dress is a favorite for weddings and cocktail parties, but we also heard from customers who have worn it for their big career moments—including a hearing at the Supreme Court and a visit to the Pope.
Original Birthdate: 2016 | Special Features: Pleated skirt, Waist-defining silhouette, Goes from day to night with ease

letter of recommendation:

“The cut is very flattering, especially on my curvy body type. It fits like a glove! I also loved the feel of the fabric—I won’t wear anything unless I’m super comfortable and can move freely.”
—Sam, M.M.’s Merchandising Manager

top endorsement:

“The Masha is my go-to dress for court appearances and arbitration hearings. I get so, so many compliments, and I always feel totally put-together with a great necklace and earrings. Throw on a Woolf jardigan in the A/C!”
–Our customer Jane

The Masha Dress mmlafleur

From left to right:


“My Masha is my go-to for meetings and hearings. It’s been all over the Capitol and never fails me (pockets!).”

—Our customer Kate


“I wore a navy Masha dress in October 2022 to meet Pope Francis. I am an ethics professor who worked on a project called ‘Doing Theology from the Existential Peripheries’ for an office in the Vatican, and in October, our project was presented in Rome, and we got to meet the pope!” 

–Our customer Meghan


Our customer Lisa, wearing her Masha dress.

The Masha Dress
The Masha Dress feedback

The Felisa Dress

The Felisa Dress | Heritage Seven Collection
The Felisa Dress review
The Felisa dress is one of the first seven styles M.M.LaFleur ever released, and since 2013, you’ve worn it to graduate med school, give big presentations, and so much more.
The Felisa Dress features

letter of recommendation:

“The fabric was super stretchy, so I was really able to move during the photoshoot. Plus, the design makes the dress really special; from the pockets to the neckline, this feels like such a luxe piece. And I love how Miyako styled it with a thicker belt and a shoe that pops.”
—Taylor, M.M.’s Senior Retail Manager

Top endorsement:

“I’m wearing my Felisa dress for my new headshots next week. I will be the most well-dressed member of leadership for sure.”
–A customer who remained anonymous

The Felisa Dress customer

Our customer Talia wearing the Felisa dress to graduate med school

The Taylor Dress

Despite its intricate design, the Taylor dress is both comfortable and highly functional. Naturally, our customers have worn it all over the world (and once for a work trip consisting of five countries in five days).
The Taylor Dress features

letter of recommendation:

“The Taylor dress was so comfortable to jump around in. The pockets were a great plus, and the dress felt light even with all the draping.”
—Shelby, M.M.’s Director of Product Development

top endorsement:

“I was walking through a shopping mall wearing my Taylor dress when a handsome French pilot stopped me. He actually kissed my hand, and he complimented my chic appearance and sophistication. My dress won the day and got me a date!”
–Our customer Orelon

The Taylor Dress
The Taylor Dress Heritage Seven Collection

The Jaycie Dress

The Jaycie Dress
The Jaycie Dress customer review
The Jaycie dress is already the bestseller from this collection, beloved by shoppers who took advantage of in-store early access. Over the years, you’ve done amazing things in this style, from giving scientific presentations to winning trials.
The Jaycie Dress features

letter of recommendation:

“The Jaycie is one of those super-classic black dresses you feel obliged to own if you’re going to call yourself an adult. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring! While it’s a fairly minimalist style, there’s something special about every detail: the V-neck is cut at just the right angle, the front seams are strategically placed, and the pockets are covertly hidden beneath the fold of the skirt.”
—Emma, M.M.’s Senior Brand Associate

Top endorsement:

“I wore the Jaycie dress to a meeting with some external consultants, only to find that a woman across the table from me was wearing it, too! I complimented her on it, and it instantly broke the ice.”
–Our customer Emily

The Tory Dress

The Tory dress has the sophisticated look of a wrap dress, minus the potential for a disastrous wardrobe malfunction. It’s no wonder it’s sold out time after time—and once had a waitlist of over 1,000 people. Since 2016, our customers have relied on it for everything from interviews to international travel.
The Tory Dress features

letter of recommendation:

“It’s so comfortable and flattering. And speaking as someone who doesn’t usually love patterns, the icon print is gorgeous.”
—Angie, M.M.’s Merchandising Associate

top endorsement:

“I remember wearing the Tory to my first international conference after starting a new job. For the first time ever, I felt comfortable in what I was wearing.”
—Our customer Dorothee

mmlafleur speaker outfit

“These photos were taken at UX Days Tokyo 2019, where I delivered my talk ‘New Solutions to Old Problems: Voice User Interface Design’ while wearing my Tory dress and an M.M. belt.”

Our customer Cheryl


The Tory Dress
The Tory Dress Heritage Seven Collection

The Pauline Dress

The Pauline Dress
The Pauline Dress Heritage Seven Collection
The Pauline dress might just be the most versatile of these seven styles. You’ve worn it in every scenario we can think of—from graduations to vacations—and we can’t wait to see where it takes you in the years yet to come.
The Pauline Dress features

letter of recommendation:

“The dress was so comfortable. It didn’t feel stiff at all, and it’s much more movement-friendly than it appears. I’m more of a casual dresser, and I think it would be super cute styled with sneakers and a light jacket. Even though most people think of work dresses as formal, the light fabric makes this an easy piece to wear anytime, even when frolicking about on a day off.”
—Cindy, M.M.’s Graphic Designer

Top endorsement:

“The Pauline is truly the perfect LBD and has taken the stress out of everything from interviews to funerals. There’s no one remarkable experience—just 6 years of being reliably elegant and effortless every time I put it on.”
–Our customer Morton

Heritage Seven Collection review

“I had an alternative graduation ceremony because my parents weren’t fans of the giant crowds. We skipped the actual school ceremony and went to the beach instead. I wore the Pauline dress that day as a coming-of-age milestone, and it helped me feel all graduated.”

–Our customer Laura

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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