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Our Ultimate Guide to Finding a Back-to-Work Blazer for Every Body Type

It’s official: an essentially-made-for-you blazer is the clothing cure-all to confusing dress codes, morning rushes, bouts of imposter syndrome, and those days when you just need a little something extra.

By Emma Steinbergs

Choose your own adventure:

  1. You received your return-to-office guidelines, and the dress code is business casual—but how casual? 
  2. You snoozed one too many times, and now your appearance must suffer the consequences, because skipping your coffee run is not an option. 
  3. You finally got that promotion (congrats!), but now you feel a little out of your league.
  4. It’s that time of the month, and everything feels a little off. 

The funny thing is, no matter which road you’re on, the solution is almost always the same: a blazer. Throughout this difficult year-and-a-half of getting dressed, we’ve become even more infatuated with this power piece, which continues to single-handedly save the day for women of all dress codes and body types. You can keep one at your desk in case an important meeting pops up, toss it over a sleeveless dress for a quick 2-step outfit, or even layer it over a T-shirt with jeans to add some cool factor to your happy hour ensemble.

But while the power of a blazer is endless, they are not all created equal—especially when it comes to fit. So, keep scrolling to find out which figure-flattering jack(et) of all trades is right for you. 

For Straight Shapes

You likely have a straight body type if your bust and hips are similar in proportion and you don’t have an especially defined waist. Selecting a cropped silhouette like the Neale jacket will create more shape by hitting near your waistline and breaking up your top and bottom halves. Try pairing with the matching Horton pant to create a sleek look with added movement, thanks to the slightly flared leg. Conversely, you can create shape on the bottom by going with the Mejia pant, which tapers at the ankle.

For Hourglass Shapes

You likely have an hourglass body type if your shoulders align with your hips and you have a defined waistline. A great choice is the Moreland jacket, made of our machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant OrigamiTech fabric, which has enough give to accommodate your curves but will also provide enough structure to qualify as suiting. Pair with the equally agile, matching Colby joggers and a simple underpinning for the ultimate feels-like-pajamas professional set.

For Oval Shapes

You likely have an oval body type if you have less distinction between your bust, waist, and hips with a fuller midsection. The boyfriend-style O’Hara blazer will streamline your mid-section thanks to its straight, relaxed silhouette. As an added bonus, the double-breasted, oversized look imparts an instant cool-girl vibe. Wear with the matching Mejia pant for a full suit, or with fitted denim for a polished, Power Casual outfit.

For Pear Shapes

You likely have a pear body type if your hips are proportionally larger than your top half. The strong shoulders of the Gaia jacket will balance out your hips and emphasize your waist. Worn open or closed, dressed up or dressed down, this blazer steals the show and celebrates your curves. Go for the matching Melrose skirt for a show-stopping office look.

For Heart Shapes

You likely have a heart body type if your bust is proportionally larger than your hips. The give of the innovative Japanese knit Porter jacket means you won’t feel constricted around your shoulders and bust, while its longer length will skim your hips and elongate your silhouette. Complete the outfit with the slim Curie pant, and add the Beebe belt for extra waist definition.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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