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We Took a Classic Two-Piece Outfit and Remixed It Four Different Ways

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s how to make the most of the simple things in our lives—and closets.

By Emma Steinbergs

Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about how the trials of the past year presented you, the working women of the world, with an opportunity to reassess the way you live, and in turn, the way you dress. And as we rewrite the rules of workwear, we’re upping the stakes for how you wear and pair your essentials. You already know the easy white tee and classic black skirt in your closet go with everything—that’s why you bought them. But maybe you don’t have the time to dream up new ways to maximize their styling potential. Lucky for you, we do. And lucky for us, M.M. team members Lisa, Susan, Cindy, and Nyjerah were willing to moonlight as models and show you how to use your own personal touch to transform your tried-and-true staples into unique looks at the mere button of a blazer or tie of a sneaker. 

Currently in the market for a professional white tee or a timeless black pencil skirt? The Alina tee and Noho skirt (as pictured as the base of all four outfits below) are must-have essentials and wildly versatile—we’ll prove it.

Step It Up by Dressing It Down

These days, we’re breaking style rules left and right with no sign of stopping, and we’re happy to welcome sneakers and jeans into the office. Appropriately named, our better-than-denim material gives the Anna jacket polish and structure. Balance out the formal aspects of the Noho skirt by lacing up a pair of high-quality leather Koio sneakers. Still feeling a tad too relaxed? Adorn yourself with some eye-catching statement jewelry, like the Briar earrings, to top it all off.

Get Detail-Oriented

A solid selection of small accessories can have a big impact on your look, allowing you to create innumerable new outfit combinations without adding bulk to your wardrobe. Start with the wide Beebe belt (which has a cult-like customer following) to unify your separates and create a dress-like silhouette. Then, coordinate your shoes and some artful earrings with it (we suggest the elegant Ella sandals and textured Celia earrings) for a cohesive palette. Swipe on a red lip just before you head out the door for an energizing pop of color.

Comfort is Cool

Relaxed layers and flat footwear allow you to get down to business, live in the present, and go with the flow—without fussing over your clothes. Opt for a layer, such as the Para pullover, in a color that matches the bottom of your outfit to keep things sleek and minimal. Lace up some Italian-leather Koio sneakers to serve as the chill counterpart to your top half, or pull out some playful Rowan flats to add a little extra pep in your step without sacrificing comfort. In our humble opinion, “beauty is pain” is a rule that should’ve been rewritten a long time ago.

Go for Bold with the 3 B’s

Repeat after us: blazer, booties, belt. Yes, we just made that up, but it works. Whenever you need a confidence boost, incorporate this trifecta (and perhaps some Vogue-worthy poses) into your outfit to achieve peak fierceness. The shockingly comfortable Zelda boots and slightly edgy hardware on the Reid belt will get you ready to brave the commute to the office again. As if you don’t already look sharp as hell, we recommend the boyfriend-style O’Hara blazer, which lends some bonus cool factor to your silhouette. Jewelry isn’t an absolute must, but why not add in the shiny-yet-subtle Claressa hoops while you’re at it?

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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