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10 Gifts to Buy Yourself, Depending on the Type of Year You Had

Why not celebrate the past with a present?

By Emma Steinbergs

How was your year? I don’t know about you, but mine was kind of a blur—in ways both delightful and dizzying. After an especially stagnant 2020 and 2021, I found that 2022 slipped past me as I was busy attending postponed weddings, taking overdue vacations, and re-learning my morning commute. I can confirm: Time flies when you’re having fun—or rushing into the office.

I suspect many of you were on this disorienting roller coaster ride with me, so let’s take a moment to appreciate what we’ve accomplished and endured over the past 12 months. Reflect back on the defining experiences of your year. Did you thrive? Or do you feel more like you survived? Either way, you’ve (almost) made it to 2023, and for that, you’re entitled to a treat—or two. 

Below, discover the gift(s) we think you deserve, depending on the type of year you had.

1. You got a promotion.

Congrats! You earned it. Next on the agenda: investing in a classic black power suit. Even if you don’t work in a formal environment, we think everyone should own a pair of impeccably tailored trousers and a sharp blazer—both of which you can mix with more casual essentials. Try the subtly flared Horton pants and the double-breasted Kati jacket, which feature elongating silhouettes. If you really want to put that raise to work, upgrade your go-to bag with our gorgeous, limited-edition M.M.LaFleur x SENREVE Maestra bag.

2. You went through a breakup.

Sartorially speaking, there are two general routes to take here. If you’re still in a state of grief, swaddle yourself in an emotionally supportive sweater like the Frederick cardigan as you indulge in bad reality TV and eat ice cream straight out of the container. Already over it? Slip on the Charlene dress, which will make you feel like a million bucks, and meet your girlfriends at the new hot spot in town.

3. You traveled—a lot.

And you have no plans of stopping. Whether you frequently travel for work or consider yourself somewhat of a globetrotter, you’ll never regret packing wrinkle-resistant, easy-care essentials that don’t add bulk to your suitcase. Our OrigamiTech fabric is the very embodiment of these qualities, and styles like the Nia jacket and Colby pants are both polished enough to wear to restaurants yet relaxed enough to wear on the plane.

4. You changed careers.

Kudos! We love that bold choice for you. But if you just recently joined a new industry, you might want to start off by playing it safe when it comes to the dress code. You can’t go wrong with the Etsuko dress, which is an all-time bestseller that’s appropriate for more conservative offices but also doesn’t look overly stuffy if your colleagues end up leaning more casual.

5. You had a baby.

Your body has seen a lot of changes this year and so has your sleep schedule. If you’re back at work, a tailored yet flared dress silhouette like the Gabriella will look put-together without hugging your midsection. For those late nights at home, wrap yourself in the Snyder jacket, which is snuggly but not sloppy. There’s even a matching mini version for your little one.

6. You went back to school.

Consider us impressed. The only thing scarier than the fact that it’s almost 2023 is the idea of receiving grades again. While you probably don’t have a whole lot of extra cash laying around, we get the impression that you’re smart. Focus on making ultra-savvy purchases: Take advantage of big sales, and invest in workhorse pieces you can rely on multiple times a week. Try swapping out your well-worn hoodie with the on-sale Para sweatshirt, and get some wide-leg jeans that are so comfortable you could study in them for hours on end.

7. You retired.

Sounds like you already know a thing or two about investing, but if shopping for clothes isn’t your strong suit, we’re more than happy to be your wardrobe advisor. A word of advice: Grab the on-sale Theo sweater now. It’s absurdly soft, incredibly high quality, and surprisingly versatile. To make it a full outfit, snag our elevated, easy Hockley jeans while you’re at it. These structured, stretchy pants have revealed themselves as a sleeper hit this year and are just the thing for all your adventures ahead.

8. You moved to a different state (or country).

You find yourself in new territory—literally. To maximize your confidence and comfort as you attempt to meet new people and explore the area, make sure you have a great jacket and some chic sneakers. The O’Hara blazer will fit right in at work meetings and weekend hangs alike, while the Koio Capri sneakers allow for impromptu exploring.

9. You got into yoga.

Over the years, we’ve had several customers tell us they’ve done some yoga moves in our #1 best-selling Foster pants. We shouldn’t be surprised, really. After all, we designed these polished pants to be secretly agile. Complete your stretchy, office-appropriate look with the pima cotton Paige tank and the Yiyan blazer, which features our signature knit panels in the back and arm seams that allow you to move with ease. The next time you’re looking for some mid-day stress relief, find a private meeting room, and give your favorite flow a quick go.

10. It was kind of uneventful…

And there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking to spice things up in the new year, we fully support you—as do fun styles like the night-on-the-town-ready Carr jumpsuit or our slightly edgy vegan leather Archie pants. I can personally attest to both styles’ ability to brighten my mood and attract a consistent stream of compliments.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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