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Why We Love Working at MM.LaFleur (We’re Hiring Too!)

October 08, 2015

Anyone working at MM.LaFleur will tell you: We’ve got a good thing going on.

Perhaps that’s what happens when you take three inspiring founders—a finance whiz, a creative genius, an engineer with an eye for design—and then build from there. We’ve gone from a teeny startup to a wildly fast-growing company in just three years, and the momentum (MMomentum?!) continues.

As a brand, we’re putting the glamour back into professional womenswear, rethinking the shopping process, leading the conversation on wardrobe building, and causing the occasional dress-related frenzy.

If this sounds like your kind of party, we have good news: We’re hiring! Intrigued? See what our team has to say about life at MM.

working at MM.LaFleur

A (rare) quiet moment in the MM lobby.

Sarah LaFleur, Founder & CEO:

As Mark Darcy of Bridget Jones’s Diary once said: “I like you very much, just as you are.” That line perfectly encapsulates what’s so wonderful about working at MM—we’re a company that likes you just the way you are. We don’t want you to become a corporate robot or a too-cool-for-school fashionista.

Need proof? Read this article by Emily (our Senior Operations Associate), this article by Tory (our Editor in Chief), this article by Annie (our Chief Marketing Officer), or this article by Miyako (our Creative Director). Such different people—all brilliant—being true to who they are.

Narie Foster, Founder & COO:

Smart, caring, and all-kinds-of-quirky individuals (gracefully) scrambling to keep up with crazy growth? It’s the hardest challenge and the most fun I’ve ever had.

Miyako Nakamura

Our co-founder and designer, Miyako Nakamura, in her office.

Annie Thorp, Chief Marketing Officer:

I love working at MM because no idea is too crazy here. We’re meant to be original, break-through, a little audacious, and experimental. I’ve never before gotten to work in a place where I could let my imagination run wild, and then see the results come to life. I also love the people. And the clothes!

MM.LaFleur Showroom

MM.LaFleur’s sun-filled New York showroom.

Michiel Maes, VP of FP&A and Strategy:

MM really makes you feel like you’re at the helm of a rocket ship. From day one, they placed enormous trust in me, even though I couldn’t yet differentiate trousers from pants.

Emily Code, Senior Associate of Operations:

I love that we actually embody our public persona: we are a team of brilliant, nerdy goofballs who love wine and hate dry cleaning.

Rachel Mann, Director of Offline Retail:

Whip-smart, charming, hard-working, direct, and unique are adjectives that describe every single person I work with at MM. There are no egos—only encouragement and support. I’m excited to come to work each day because I get to learn from the most wonderful team. MM.LaFleur = MMagical.

working at MM.LaFleur

Getting down to business at MM HQ.

Hanna Freedlund, Senior Associate of Offline Retail:

Our team is made up of incredible, inspiring women (and men) who are always willing to teach and support each other. I love the creative atmosphere in our office, not to mention our insane dedication—to both the business and to food.

Lena Ficchi, Stylist:

My favorite thing about working at MM is learning about the amazing women we serve. Women inspire me in and out of work, every day of the week. Here, I’m lucky enough to work with and for some of the most talented, hilarious, and dynamic women out there. This is more than a fashion line, it’s a community—and I’m 200% here for that.

working at MM.LaFleur

Current MMood.

Michaella Kurdziel, Director of Customer Experience:

This is an absurdly smart crowd, in incredibly different ways. And the amazing thing? Everyone respects the different kinds of genius that exist within our team. Also: Everyone likes weird food, and I’m never surprised to see someone order a three-course takeout lunch.

Caroline Brown, Senior Manager of Styling and Visual Merchandising:

Everyone here, regardless of stature, has the opportunity to not only learn but also be entrepreneurial. Great ideas are always welcome. The passion, thoughtfulness, and hard work that goes into the product makes you want to drink (well, more like chug) the Kool-Aid.

MM.LaFleur office

Daily wall-spiration in our New York headquarters.

Masha Kandybin, Senior Planning Manager:

Because we’re such a young company, we’re often tackling problems for the first time. There’s no pressure to do things the “usual” way—because there is no usual way! I love brainstorming about how to achieve a goal, and then seeing it through with our team of smart, open-minded people.

Caroline Noonan, Marketing Associate:

What do I love about MM? The strong sense of mentorship among employees, regular team lunches, girl/woman power, and (nearly) unlimited access to Coke Zero.

working at MM.LaFleur

Yes, that’s a giant wooden hand. This is how we get inspired here.

Tory Hoen, Editor-in-Chief:

I’ve gotten bored at every job I’ve ever had—until now. MM keeps me on my toes. I don’t have time to get restless, because our company changes from week to week. Somehow, we’ve cobbled together the best parts of working in fashion, media, and tech to create the Frankenstein-like company known as MM. It feels like we’re doing something groundbreaking. It also feels like we eat tons of snacks!

Karen Zhou, Stylist:

I love that my day is filled with problem-solving, for cases ranging from individual customer interactions to company-wide process improvements. No day is the same, and fresh perspectives are always encouraged.

Are you convinced yet? Check out our current job openings here. We’d love to hear from you. And if you’re looking to spruce up your work wardrobe, now’s the perfect time to order a Bento.

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