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Eric Frank: Practice Makes Perception

October 13, 2015

Despite how it may appear, we do actually have male employees at MM.LaFleur—and one of them is Eric Frank, our sharp-witted Lead User Experience Engineer. For the next installment of our #PracticeMakes series, Eric explains what practice “makes” in his life.

Eric Frank

“Practice makes perception.”

To build MM’s user experience, I need to be able to see things from diverse points of view. Most of my day is spent thinking about how people unlike myself are using our website—people who have a different phone than I do; people who are on slow networks; people who can’t see; people who didn’t grow up with the cultural cues that I take for granted. I have to make sure that all of those people have a rich and rewarding experience when they’re browsing our collections.

After long days spent in the minds of our users, I enjoy spending time in the minds of my favorite bartenders in New York. Making and drinking cocktails is one of my favorite ways to unwind, and it involves a heavy dose of perception. How would they make a Vieux Carré, a classic New Orleans cocktail, in Osaka? How would they make a French 75 in Jalisco? It depends on how you look at it.

Check out the #PracticeMakes collection, and read about its creation here.

Photo by Takahiro Ogawa

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