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Meet the Ultimate Travel Pant: The #1 Item I'll Bring on Every Trip

The on-trend silhouette that accompanied me from England to Italy and back to New York.

By Emma Steinbergs

A little over three weeks ago, I was about to embark on a 13-day vacation—five days in England, then eight days in Italy. I pulled out my suitcase for the first time since December and began to fill it with items I could adapt for the ambitious itinerary and wide range of weather that lay ahead of me. This was quite the challenge, but I managed to do it all in a carry-on, thanks in part to the Kick Flare Fosters, which allowed me to bring just two pairs of pants.

I won’t name names, but there’s a (dry-clean-only) cult-favorite pant out there that’s very similar to the Kick Flare Foster—and over triple the price. Even if I could afford the former, I’ll only ever own the latter, because I’m honestly not sure how they could get any better. Made from our signature PowerStretch fabric, the Kick Flare Fosters are machine-washable and stretchy yet structured; and thanks to their slight crop and subtle flare, they retain the famous feel-good fit of our classic Fosters while introducing an of-the-moment, playful cut. We just released them less than two months ago, so they were top of mind when it came time to plot out my European packing list.

To be honest, I’d only planned to wear my Fosters on one flight, but they exceeded my expectations to the point that I ended up wearing them on all three of my flights (and for several cross-country train rides). They were stretchy without stretching out, and they made me feel proudly put-together (like I was dressed for business class even though I was in coach).

Of course, I didn’t bring these magical pants across the pond only for them to sit on planes and gather dust in a hotel room. I’d brought them along because they’re not only comfy enough for 18 hours in the air; they’re also polished enough for the hallowed halls of Oxford, forgiving enough for frequent bowls of pasta, and stylish enough for vintage shopping in Florence.

Below, I share a few of the looks from my trip that helped cement the Kick Flare Fosters as my ultimate must-have travel pant.

Note: I only owned them in black when I packed for my trip, but I also recommend saddle or bone for your summer travels.

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For a Day Trip to Oxford

As an English major and a general appreciator of historied places, I was delighted when my mom suggested we spend a day in Oxford. I was less excited when I checked the forecast and saw that our walking tour would be plagued by strong gusts of wind and intermittent bouts of rain. Luckily, I had the foresight to layer up in a cashmere crewneck similar to the Ollie and my dapper, double-breasted Kati blazer. Along with my quick-drying Kick Flare Fosters and my surprisingly walking-friendly Sam Edelman flats, these pieces allowed me to keep comfortable while adhering to the campus’s buttoned-up vibe. Here I am post train ride back to London—as warm and dry as can be.

Fun fact: My Kati blazer served as my only outerwear throughout my entire trip. It also happens to be on sale right now, so run, don’t walk!

University of Oxford campus

Strolling around the University of Oxford campus.

Eating paninis on the street

Eating paninis on the street.

Sipping espresso at our hotel

Sipping espresso at our hotel.

For a Busy Day in Florence

After parting ways with my mom in England, I flew to Italy (again, wearing my trusty Kick Flares) to meet my boyfriend for the next leg of my trip. We worked our way through the winding streets and ruins of Rome, then made our way to Florence, which is significantly smaller but no less bustling. Our first day there, we took a breather and joined a cooking class at our hotel, but as soon as the sun rose the next morning, we were ready to hit the ground running. A thorough tour of the Uffizi Gallery and several street paninis under our belts, we hit up a few phenomenal vintage stores (this one was my favorite) and strolled over to the Piazza di Santa Croce to grab gelato and bask in the afternoon sun. My Kick Flare Fosters, one of my many Leslie T-shirts, and a cheery blue cardigan from Almina Concept adapted to each and every one of these activities with ease and made me feel more like a stylish local than a wandering tourist.

For a 9-Hour Flight

As I said, I wore my Kick Flare Fosters on every one of my flights, but I’m choosing to share this particular picture because it was taken at the very tail end of my trip (in a bathroom stall after I landed at JFK). Have you ever seen a pair of pants hold up so well after countless hours of sitting, stretching, walking, and eating—with zero washes or steams in between? I don’t know if I should be more impressed with the fact that they still looked this good without any maintenance or the fact that I didn’t itch to take them off after wearing them for days on end. To be sure, they’re a far cry from sweatpants, but they fit so well that I didn’t really notice them at all. Paired with my Axam turtleneck, they felt like a second skin that kept me cozy and non-fidgety all flight long. Comfy sneakers and a cashmere wrap completed what will henceforth be my official in-air uniform.

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Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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