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The Next Confidence-Boosting Outfit You Should Try, Depending on Your Favorite Pump-Up Song

Boost your mood to the tune of six song-inspired looks.

By Emma Steinbergs

Driving to a job interview. Getting ready for a blind date. Psyching yourself up before a big workout. Insert a cortisol-spiking situation of your choice, and put yourself in that moment. What’s on in the background? Probably a pump-up song. 

Like a great outfit, a catchy tune can make you feel any combination of fearless, free, and fabulous. Put it on, and you’re suddenly in touch with your inner Sasha Fierce. There’s a strong link between the sartorial and the musical, and we’ve been thinking a lot about it lately—thanks to our most recent collection, Play by Ear. Inspired by the sounds of summer, this drop is designed to help you embrace spontaneity and get you ready to go wherever the music takes you.

Headed to a place where you could use some extra confidence? Whether you’re determined to fake it ‘til you make it at a new job or looking to boost your self-esteem after a brutal breakup, we hear you. So, we put together a list of looks—and songs—that can help you stand a little taller, sing a little louder, and dance like no one is watching. 

Below, see six confidence-boosting outfits, and listen to the pump-up songs that inspired them.

I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

The name of this disco hit says it all: Whatever you’re facing, you will survive. If you wear a great outfit, you might even thrive. Boost your mood by blasting this tune and throwing on a bright-hued blouse, like the Darcy top in guava. To lean into the ‘70s vibe, pair your tie-front top with wide-leg pants like the Milo jeans and cognac-colored accessories like the Carter slides and Yuna earrings. A little bit of funk and a whole lot of polish.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain

Goin’ out tonight and not feelin’ alright? You might just need a little Shania in your life. Follow her words of wisdom and rock a short(ish) skirt like the Whitney, which will provide plenty of stretch if you end up on the dance floor. The cap-sleeved Liana top adds a charming element, while the vegan leather Nicky jacket brings a slight edge. To really amp things up, slip on the sexy Nina boots, and fasten your gold hoops.

Stronger” by Britney Spears

When you want to feel stronger than yesterday, we invite you to put on a red dress and report back. Like a Britney bop, the Cassandra in our punchy blood orange hue channels infectious self-assurance, and you won’t want to turn take it off. Keep your striking dress in the spotlight by accessorizing with streamlined sneakers and the Ivy earrings, which feature stone detailing fit for a superstar.

Good as Hell” by Lizzo

The secret to looking good as hell is feeling good as hell. A statement piece like the Demi jumpsuit epitomizes the balance between beauty and comfort—featuring a subtle V-neck, flowy legs, deep pockets, and breathable gingham linen. Emphasize your ensemble’s easy elegance with comfortable black pumps, the bold Beebe belt, and the shiny Claressa hoops. If you happen to play the flute like Lizzo, even better.

Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

No one does confidence quite like Queen Bey, and as this club-ready record shows, she’s not afraid to reinvent herself. If you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut, a style shift could help you gain a fresh perspective. Replace a couple of your simpler staples with slightly edgier essentials like an animal-print button-down and vegan leather pants. For equal parts polish and personality, add low-heeled boots and thick (but not heavy) gold hoops.

Bejeweled” by Taylor Swift

Date night? Make the whole place shimmer in washable silk charmeuse. The stunning Pepper dress not only has a lustrous sheen but also features an adjustable waist tie and a flowy skirt that might inspire you to write romantic lyrics late into the night. Incorporate a little sparkle with a pair of silver sandals, and bejewel your ears with the bold blue Briar earrings.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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