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The Jacket You Need to Pack Next, According to Your Travel Personality

From flexible to structured, these layers are ready to travel in style.

By Emma Steinbergs

It’s official: You’ve booked your flight and put in your PTO request. Congratulations! You deserve a vacation. Traveling for work? You can still have fun with it.

Now it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. Seriously. Unless you’re one of those rare go-with-the-flow types, we highly recommend spending some quality time with your closet at least one month in advance of your trip. No one likes to frantically run errands the night before their flight.

But what do you like when it comes to travel? As a starting point for effective packing, it’s helpful to think about your priorities—or, in more playful terms, your travel personality. Are you the one who always has granola bars and sunscreen on hand? Or the one who plans their days around museum-hopping?

However you prefer to move about this world, you’ll want a reliable layer in tow. Your travel plans are perfectly timed, because this Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the jacket. Once seen as a controversial choice for women, the jacket has since become a symbol of strength and a staple in the modern woman’s wardrobe. This one powerful piece multiplies the pairing possibilities in your wardrobe and adds structure to any outfit. In other words, it’s the ideal travel companion.

Below, discover which jacket style you should pack next—depending on your travel personality. Looking to find your fit? Book a special jacket appointment. Plus, take a photo in your favorite M.M. jacket for a chance to win an M.M. shopping spree!


The Planner

You’re that person who’s printed out a hard copy of each day’s itinerary and mapped out every public restroom in the city—just in case your phone dies. You’re all about being prepared, practical, and put-together—so packing light and avoiding ironing is a must. Try the Moreland jacket in our lightweight OrigamiTech fabric, which won’t add bulk to your suitcase or wrinkle easily. And since even the best planners spill sometimes, we’ve made this one machine-washable (an extremely rare feat for a blazer). Plus, those zippered pockets keep everything safe and sound. Have at it, Type A’s.


The Adventurer

You often find yourself taking the road less traveled, living on the edge, and pivoting plans at a moment’s notice. You’re low-maintenance and flexible—just like the Emalis jacket, a uniform-inspired, machine-washable style made from Turkish two-way stretch cotton. Bring this layer on a far-flung safari, or keep it close throughout your cross-country road trip. Whatever shenanigans you get up to, this Better Than Denim beauty has your back.


The Napper

Are you one of those people who seeks out a nap-conducive corner wherever you go? Coming from someone who can barely sleep on a 10+ hour flight, I envy you. While I can’t quite relate to your snoozy skills, I can tell you that if catching Z’s is your priority, the Yiyan blazer in stretch foulard is your jacket soul sister. This tailored blazer has a universally classic look but is secretly snuggle-friendly, thanks to the stretchy knit that allows for extra agility.


The Night Owl

On the other end of the spectrum are night owls—and decidedly un-sleepy styles like the Nicky jacket. With equal parts elegance and edge, this buttery vegan leather style allows you to seize every minute of the day—and night—thanks to its tented silhouette and slightly cropped length. Layer it over a sweater during the daytime, then wear it over a slinky evening dress later. Now that’s what we call museum-to-martinis versatility. We’ll cheers to that!


The Snacker

You’re most preoccupied with keeping the group non-hangry and sans tummy grumbles (this one I can relate to). Since food is your MO, give the Hyo jacket a go. With a relaxed silhouette, deep pockets, and an adjustable drawstring waist, you can comfortably kick back in the car and fill up on gas station goodies like trail mix and gummy bears. At the same time, our Japanese Everyday Twill is entirely appropriate if you’re looking to dine on more formal fare. Either way, bon appétit.


The Museum Goer

You have a sophisticated, discerning spirit. You might have majored in art history and could definitely get lost for hours at any museum. If any of this speaks to you, it sounds like you’ll appreciate the fine craftsmanship of Interweave styles like the Lilia jacket. Made in Japan and designed to be passed down to future generations, Interweave is our take on timeless tweed suiting, and just like any work of art, these investment pieces only get better with time.


The Minimalist

You’re all about efficiency. You know how to make a mean Excel spreadsheet, and everything you add to your closet needs to serve multiple purposes. You don’t buy into passing trends—but you have style. Whether you already shop this way or are trying to adopt this mentality in 2023, our OrigamiTech Nia jacket is worth your while, considering it’s part blazer, part peacoat, part motorcycle jacket. In other words, you can wear it pretty much wherever.


The Book Worm

You dive into a book any chance you get. No matter how beautiful the surrounding setting is, you just can’t help but have your nose in a novel. This calls for a knit layer like the Merritt jardigan. If you haven’t gotten a good read on our jardigans yet, here’s the TL;DR: They combine the structure of a jacket with the stretch of a cardigan. And with sharp lapels and a sash at the waist, the Merritt is particularly jacket-like—meaning it’s ready to return to the office after your literature-heavy hiatus.


The Shopper

You’re that girl who’s never been to Paris but knows all the great vintage spots upon arrival. You somehow score great finds at even the most picked-over flea markets. Since you probably appreciate the power of oversized silhouettes, we point you to the O’Hara blazer. Classic and cool all at once, this boyfriend-style blazer is boxy in the best way and has that vintage vibe you’re after—no sifting or scouring necessary.


The Documentarian

You’re meticulous about documenting memories, but not in an annoying way. You like to live in the moment and take a snapshot of it. A layer like the Allison anorak will best support you in your quest to hone your photography skills. This style features a relaxed fit and adjustable drawstring waist, so it’s agile enough to handle all of the weird angles. Bonus points: The gingham pattern looks great in pictures, so be sure to get in front of the camera, too.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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