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How to Incorporate Color into Your Wardrobe, Depending on Your Favorite Neutral

Wondering how to make the bright-color trend work for you? The answer is probably already in your closet.

By Madeleine Kim

We’ve never been into fickle fads, but there’s one trend this season that we’ll definitely be embracing: wearing color—and lots of it. From bold punches of blood orange to refreshing splashes of Amalfi, our spring collection is full of invigorating shades that make getting dressed a joyful, creative exercise.

Wondering which bright colors you should add to your wardrobe? The answer is probably already in your closet: By noticing which neutrals you gravitate toward, you can extrapolate to find the bright shades that will make you feel your best. If you love cool neutrals like navy and gray, you’ll light up the room in a cool pastel like iris. If all your favorite pieces come in camel and brown, you’ll appreciate warm, orangey hues like guava. Read on to see which colorful shade you should try next, depending on your favorite neutral.

If you love navy…

Chances are, you feel good in cool colors. This spring, try pairing your go-to navy pants with a top in iris, a new pastel that’s playful but not overly sweet. For a slightly more formal look, complete the suit with the Hyo jacket. Silver hoops and heels round out the color palette.

If you love black…

Try an arresting column outfit by wearing the Cassandra dress in blood orange as a vest, layered over the Vicky tank and Curie pants. If you’re intimidated by the bold color, try thinking of it like an accessory—the piece you add to your all-black look to give it some flair. The Cassandra’s midi length echoes the long lines of the tapered Curie pants, and heeled Ella sandals help you stand tall.

If you love camel…

Let us introduce you to another fabulously adorned animal: the peacock. Inspired by the bird that always steals the show, our new peacock print is vibrant, eye-catching, and a great pairing for your favorite neutrals. We especially love pairing the washable silk Vicky tank with pieces like the Hyo jacket and Shane pants in acorn to bring out the warm browns and greens in the print.

If you love cream…

Reach for fresh-feeling colors, like vine. This happy shade reads as a spring green during the warmer months, but in fall and winter, it comes off like a jewel tone—magic! Pair it with cream- and ivory-colored pieces like the Hockley jeans and Lisey cami to create a beautifully crisp contrast.

If you love charcoal…

Enhance your cool-neutral pieces with a clear, bright blue, like Amalfi. Want to test the colorful waters without diving all the way in? Try a versatile underpinning, like the Peggy top, which looks great with the Moreland jacket and Colby pants for a sporty suiting look.

If you love brown…

Lean into the warm color palette by trying out a top in guava, a delicious new orange hue that’s making us really excited for summer. The washable silk Vicky tank looks great tucked into the Archie pants—and if you need an extra layer, you could add the Nicky jacket for a head-to-toe vegan-leather look.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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