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Narie Foster: Practice Makes Possible

September 22, 2015

As we continue to celebrate the roll-out of our new #PracticeMakes collection, we’re asking various MM.LaFleur team members what practice “makes” for them. Next up: our intrepid Co-founder & COO Narie Foster.

Narie Foster

“Practice makes possible.”

This will come as no surprise to my colleagues, but I confess: I like perfection. I like complete solutions, optimized processes, and maximum possible scores. I want to take the fastest possible transportation route from my rare gem of an apartment to the ideal restaurant for that particular evening.

One of the most important lessons MM has taught me is how to be comfortable without precision. Or, perhaps, how to flail with intention. Running a startup means tackling a constant string of previously un-encountered tasks and problems. Some things repeat themselves and get easier the second or twentieth go-around, but the chain of the unfamiliar doesn’t slow. Everything is uncertain, resources are limited, and the pace only accelerates.

Perfection is no longer my goal. Today, it’s so often more important that I just find a way to make things possible. Possible means Minimum Viable Product. Possible means you’ve put something out there. Possible means action: a start and a path forward. And sometimes, if you stop shooting for perfection and allow for some risks, picking off what’s possible will lead you to accomplishing the (seemingly) impossible.

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Photo by Takahiro Ogawa

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