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Quiz: What’s Your In-Flight Style?

Airlines are a mess, but you don’t have to be.

By Emma Steinbergs

If you’ve flown recently, chances are you’ve encountered some bumps along the way—and no, I don’t mean turbulence. With more flight cancellations occurring from January to June of this year than in all of 2021, air travel today is a far cry from its glamorous, mid-century heyday (and that’s an understatement).

But the show must go on. From work trips to well-earned vacations, many of us are traveling once again, and we might as well learn to enjoy not absolutely loathe the journey. Yes, you’re stuck on a plane, and perhaps your ETA is TBD, but there is something you can control: the clothes on your back.

To optimize your in-flight experience, we encourage you to embrace the idea that clothing has the power to change your mood—and apply it to the skies. Not sure where to start? To get you off the ground, we’ve created a quiz that helps you determine your in-flight style persona and a corresponding outfit to make you feel your best in flight and upon arrival. Are you on board? Scroll below.

A. Traditional. A little retro. Wouldn’t be caught dead in athleisure.

B. Professional. Sharp. Office approved.

C. Comfortable. No-fuss. Ready for rain or shine.

D. Effortless. A little trendy. Casual but polished.

E. Snuggly. Cozy. Secretly feels like pajamas.
A. Listening to classical music

B. Working

C. Reading non-fiction

D. Perusing Vogue

E. Napping
A. Roman Holiday

B. 9 to 5

C. Any documentary

D. Everything Everywhere All at Once

E. Pride & Prejudice
A. All the screens!

B. No Wi-Fi

C. Aggressive A/C

D. Boredom

E. Loud children
A. A gimlet

B. Coffee

C. Water

D. Kombucha

E. Chamomile tea
A. An old soul

B. Hardworking

C. Practical

D. Worldly

E. Chill

Your in-flight style persona is:

The Golden Girl

You’re a little bit traditional and often overdressed (in the best way). In fact, you would probably thrive in the Pan Am golden age, when fashionable fanfare was integral to the in-flight experience. For a modern take on retro glam, go with the waist-defining, ’40s-inspired Gaia jacket, and pair it with the stretchy Curie pant for a plane-seat-friendly suit. Complete the look with the 365 Knit Choe top, textured Rowan flat, and classic Ponza earring.

Your in-flight style persona is:

The Frequent Flyer

You’re not all business, but you work damn hard. You want to look the part and need suiting that can go from business class to business conference with maximum polish and minimal wrinkles. Did we nail it? If so, our OrigamiTech pieces are a must. Pair the wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable Moreland jacket with the matching Colby pant, and add the washable silk Tatum top for a suiting look that’s easy-care from head to toe. Finish it off with elevated, flight-friendly accessories like the leather Grace loafer, charming Amari earring, and a laptop-accommodating tote.

Your in-flight style persona is:

The Luxurious Layerer

You are highly practical, prioritize comfort, and hate being too cold—or too hot for that matter. Your ultimate life hack? Layers. Give yourself options for various temperatures by combining the lightweight Paige tank, relaxed Owen T-shirt, and ultra-soft Freya hoodie with the wear-with-anything Foster pant. Keep your footwear lowkey but luxurious with a leather slide, and make sure to have a tote bag handy for stashing all those layers.

Your in-flight style persona is:

The Unjaded Jetsetter

You’re that woman who somehow always looks effortlessly put together, and you’re never in one place for very long. You hate a dull moment and love finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Even though you’ve seen the world, you’re not jaded. Considering you’re such an experienced traveler and have excellent taste, you tend to wear versatile, slightly trendy essentials that you can repurpose throughout your far-flung adventures. For the plane, pick a sleek tank, a secretly comfortable jean, and a layer you’ll rely on for the next week. You also want your accessories to go with nearly everything in your suitcase, so opt for a couple of wear-with-anything necklaces, small gold hoops, and a white leather sneaker.

Your in-flight style persona is:

The Stylish Sleeper

You value your rest and view any downtime as naptime. You’re generally pretty chill but prefer a calm environment in order to really relax. This can prove challenging on a flight, where space is tight and your seat neighbor is…not the quietest. Maximize your chances of a peaceful sleep by sipping your herbal tea, putting on your noise-canceling headphones, and ensuring you’re enveloped in cozy yet breathable clothing. The French terry Shae hoodie and matching Joni jogger form a sophisticated loungewear set that you’ll be proud to wear out in public. For the rest of your outfit, try the pajama-soft Marcia T-shirt and the slipper-like Koio Elba slide. Sweet dreams!

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Senior Brand Associate. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and Customer Communications Associate, and she still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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