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2 Jackets, 10 Confidence-Boosting Power Casual Outfits

M.M. employees model our most popular jackets for work, weekends, and everything in between.

By Madeleine Kim

Warning: I’m about to say something so cliché, you might physically roll your eyes. But it has to be said, so here I go. Putting on a truly great blazer is like donning a superhero cape. One moment, you’re you, and the next, you’re…well, still you. But you’re the most confident, unstoppable version of you; the version that delivers devastating off-the-cuff one-liners and defeats her arch nemesis before breakfast (if you’re the type of person who has arch nemeses).

But don’t take my word for it: When you see the Power Casual outfits my teammates wore for a recent photoshoot, you’ll understand why I had to use an overblown metaphor. These outfits—which feature our lightweight, made-to-be packed Moreland jacket and our stretchy-yet-structured Merritt jardigan—are just that good. Below, see how M.M. employees are styling these pieces, plus read their reflections on what a great blazer can do.

The Moreland Jacket in Blush

“I’ve always loved video games, and putting on a great jacket reminds me of increasing my character’s stats—leveling up my protection, abilities (to dress stylishly and take on whatever the day throws at me), and coolness,” says Victoria, our Product Merchandising Coordinator. “Wearing my favorite jacket always makes me feel like the stylish girl who everyone wishes they could be (think Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim).” The Moreland jacket and its matching counterparts, like the Delaney joggers and Cassandra dress, are made from our machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, super lightweight OrigamiTech material. But thanks to the jacket’s ultra-classic cut, you’d never guess how low-maintenance it is just by looking at it. Kind of feels like a superpower, no?

The Merritt Jardigan in Black

The Merritt jardigan combines the structure of a jacket with the stretch of a cardigan, and it’s one of those pieces that our customers and employees adore in equal measure. Our Product Development Manager, Courtney, is a seasoned fashion pro—but she didn’t have a blazer she truly loved until she started working at M.M. Here, she strikes that perfect Power Casual balance by pairing the put-together Merritt jardigan with trousers and sneakers in one look, and a T-shirt and skinny pants in the other. And when she’s not wearing her go-to jardigan? “My new Anna jacket in tusk has become the cornerstone of my summer wardrobe,” she says.

The Merritt Jardigan in Latte

Speaking of the Merritt jardigan, our latte color has been so popular, we have to restock it constantly. And for good reason: This light neutral is chic, season-agnostic, and easy to pair with both warm and cool colors. Here, Graphic Designer Cindy wears it two ways: with the matching Harlem skirt and a vibrant fuchsia underpinning, and with the breezy, summer-to-a-tee Fatima dress, which features subtle blue pinstripes.

The Moreland Jacket in Olive

“The first truly great jacket I owned was a black, knee-length trench coat that I bought my sophomore year of college from (sorry to say) an unnamed fast fashion label,” says Maria, our Senior Partnerships & Communications Manager. “It was super elongating on my petite frame (which I knew long before I had the language to articulate it) and could be worn belted or unbelted. In short, it was a jacket that made me feel like I had a real sense of style.” Fast forward to today, and Maria is known around our office for her always-polished outfits, most of which incorporate one of her many M.M. blazers. “These looks were boundary-pushing for me, because at 5’4”, I tend to shy away from loose-fitting pants and longer skirts. I was surprised at how good everything looked (which I should not have been, because it’s M.M.!), and the Moreland jacket really tied the looks together. In my real life, I would wear these outfits just as I did in the shoot—sitting somewhere with a computer and a bowl of grapes nearby, finishing up work, and getting ready to meet a friend for a glass of red on the first crisp evening of late summer.”

The Merritt Jardigan in Ivory

While I don’t believe in the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule, there is something about a light-neutral look that just feels so summery. Madeline, our Performance Marketing Associate, wore the crisp Merritt jardigan in ivory for our recent photoshoot, and it reminded her of the first piece that gave her that great-jacket feeling back in the day. “Growing up, I had a cream velvet jacket with a ribbon tie,” she says. “It made me feel so sophisticated. Adding a jacket to my outfit makes me feel like I’m actually styling a look instead of just throwing on a dress or jeans and a top. The third piece ties it all together!” Of course, a great jacket deserves equally excellent pieces to pair with it. “I loved wearing the Caitlin shorts (I even bought a pair for myself),” says Madeline. “They’re super comfy and stretchy, and I love that you can cuff them to adjust the length for work or play. The Nene dress felt very chic but easy to throw on in a pinch, and the Merritt is versatile enough to work with both the dressed-up and dressed-down looks.”

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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