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What 6 M.M. Employees Actually Packed for Vacation This Summer

Heading somewhere soon? See which M.M. pieces our team can’t travel without right now.

By Emma Steinbergs

If you’ve had a chance to shop our Ode to Joy collection or read pretty much any email from us over the past couple of months, you’ve probably gotten the sense that, especially in light of an especially draining past couple of years, we’re making a concerted effort to lean into one of our most cherished company values: joie de vivre. From planting joy to launching styles that lighten your load, we’re encouraging you to stop and smell the roses (both literally and figuratively) and ensuring we’re walking that walk ourselves.

This summer, our employees have traveled near for NYC jaunts and far for foreign adventures, and they’ve put their M.M. to good use along the way. So, we asked them to share their favorite pieces for stylish travel and practical packing—think easy-care pieces that you can wear multiple times and in a variety of settings. Here are six M.M. employees on their must-haves for summer trips.

Anna, Senior Merchandising Associate

Traveled to NYC

Anna moved to Dallas during the pandemic, but she periodically pops into town to visit our NYC office, reuniting us with her infectious laugh and cool-girl style. Just a couple of weeks ago, she came to NYC for our fall photoshoot and put her trusty knits to work. “The Finley pants were my saviors throughout my unexpectedly long airport journey and fairly physical workdays,” she says. “The stretch is like no other, but they look chic and professional. I also relied heavily on my Chadwick sweater. Its relaxed cut and breathable cotton kept me comfortable throughout the drastic changes in temperature I experienced—from the stuffy plane and humid streets of New York to the air-conditioned photo studio and breezy evenings. And the easy-on-and-off Carter slides are a game-changer in the security check-line!”

Hannah, Production Manager

Traveled to Costa Rica

Being on the Production Team, Hannah knows her stuff—especially when it comes to fabrics. So when she recommended the Madelyn pants in double-faced linen as her #1 travel pick, I instantly added them to my cart. They were simply impossible to resist after hearing her describe them as “substantial, yet lightweight enough to barely take up any space in my suitcase.” To complement her summery bottoms, she relied on versatile yet comfortable essentials. “I took several colors of the Cameron tank for easy layering,” she says, “ivory for my vacation itself and black for the plane rides. Speaking of which, my new in-flight uniform is the Jo sweater + Delaney jogger + Koio Elba slidesso easy.”

Maria, Senior Manager of Brand Communications & Partnerships

Traveled to Ireland

Maria is one of the most organized, practical people at M.M., which is why it made total sense that her go-to travel piece is our famous Foster pant. In true Maria form, she says, “The Fosters are our best-selling pant for a reason: You can wear them with anything and can wear them multiple days a week, which I totally did. I was able to keep my suitcase light by avoiding heavy denim, I looked extra sleek while in the cities, and I stayed comfortable on car rides in the countryside. Keeping my pant selection so simple also allowed me to easily mix up my tops. I mainly brought knits in interesting colors, like the Tyler sweatshirt in deep sea and Leo pullover in honeycomb, and I stuck to my Koio Capri sneakers for shoes.”

Emma, Senior Brand Associate

Traveled to Northern Minnesota

I’m actually finishing up this article whilst on my own getaway in northern Minnesota. As it’s upstate and on one of the Great Lakes, it’s not consistently warm up here, even in the summer, so I tend to stick to breathable but layerable T-shirts and denim. My Paige tanks are easily my most-worn items throughout the warmer months, and they’re perfect for layering underneath my Samara sweater up north. For meals out, I swap out my jeans for my polished Caitlin shorts (if the weather permits) and slip on my Koio Elba slides.

Yujin, Graphic Designer

Traveled to NYC

Yujin’s graphic design expertise leads her to compose strong visual looks by playing with proportion and creating harmony amongst various shapes and textures. Describing her travel favorite, the Zhou culottes, she says, “I wore the Zhous to multiple activities, including dim sum brunch, and let their perfectly dramatic swing shine by keeping the rest of my outfits simple. I put some miles on my black slides, rotated in various sleeveless tops, and added my Molly cardigan whenever I wanted some extra movement.”

Maddie, Senior Brand Manager

Traveled to Italy

Maddie’s recent trip to Italy was the one I envied most—not only because I, too, want to live on pasta for a week and wake up to a bucolic Tuscan view each morning, but also because her outfit choices were molto bene. “I brought my Wren top and O’Hara blazer, and they were hands down the MVPs of my suitcase,” she says. “Even though my job involves spending a large portion of my day thinking about the merits of M.M. clothing, I was floored by how well the blazer traveled. It was ready to go the second I pulled it out of my suitcase! The O’Hara blazer was my go-to layer throughout the trip, dressing up denim shorts, serving as a light layer over easy dresses for outdoor dinners, and making me feel put-together on trips into the city. I love the Wren top, not only because it’s incredibly versatile, lightweight, and machine-washable, but also because it’s a total compliment magnet. ”

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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