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Nancy Meyers Kitchen

Image: Universal Pictures.

Five Outfits Inspired by Kitchens in Nancy Meyers Movies

Raise your hand if you’ve fantasized about making dinner in the kitchen from It’s Complicated.

By Madeleine Kim

There’s so much to love about the kitchens in Nancy Meyers movies. Most obviously, they’re incredibly (sometimes ridiculously) luxurious, full of enormous islands, giant farmhouse sinks, and light fixtures that look simple, but you can just tell they cost a ton. But somehow, rather than coming off as cold and unattainable, these spaces feel inviting—like you could almost step through the screen and pour yourself a glass of that fancy wine on the counter.

Of course, to really picture yourself in Meyers’s serene environments, you have to ask yourself: What would I be wearing as the lucky owner of this fabulous kitchen? And it just so happens, I’ve asked myself that question many (probably too many) times. 

Here are five carefree and luxurious summer outfits inspired by the best Nancy Meyers kitchens.

It’s Complicated

This is my all-time favorite Nancy Meyers kitchen. During the day, it’s bright and happy, awash with California light, but at night, it takes on a moody, sexy vibe. It’s mature but playful, elegant but warm. (Plus, doing dishes seems much more appealing when a view is involved.) You may not be an inexplicably wealthy baker like Meryl Streep’s character, but you can still channel the energy of her dreamy kitchen by adorning yourself in washable silk separates, like the Wren top and Orchard skirt. Pull it all together with the wide Beebe belt, silver Ella sandals, and simple Claressa hoops.

kitchen in It’s Complicated

Image: Universal Pictures.

It’s Complicated movie outfit inspo
Outfits Inspired by Kitchens in Nancy Meyers Movies

Something’s Gotta Give

What I love most about this kitchen is that it’s clearly meant to be used. From the expansive island to the bevy of oils and spices by the stove, you can tell that this space has seen some delicious meals and lively gatherings. It’s luxurious, to be sure—but it’s also lived-in. If this gorgeous kitchen were mine, I’d reflect its calm, beachy palette by wearing light neutrals, like the Paige tank in ivory and the Milo jeans in fawn. The Mila top works beautifully as a lightweight layer to protect against the sun, and the Carter slides can be easily slipped off if you decide to take a walk in the sand.

Something’s Gotta Give kitchen

Image: Warner Bros.

The Holiday

If you find yourself getting sick of summer, picture yourself sitting in this adorable English-countryside kitchen wearing a sweater and sipping tea. Everything about this space is just so charming—from the pastel cabinets and the teeny tiny stove to the fact that most of the room’s square footage is occupied by a fireplace. For a warm weather-friendly outfit inspired by this delightful cottage, pair the sleek cotton Cookie cardigan with the Foster pants and Wanda earrings. And if you’re staying in, you’ll definitely want to add some fuzzy slippers.

The Holiday movie kitchen

Image: Universal Pictures.

Outfits Inspired by Kitchens in Nancy Meyers Movies
The Intern movie kitchen inspired outfit

The Intern

Of all the Nancy Meyers movie kitchens, this one feels the most buttoned-up. It has some industrial elements, emphasized by the cool blue-gray of the cabinets, but there’s a sense of warmth there, too. Echo the space’s clean lines and sharp edges with tailored pieces like the Dolly jacket and Horton pants, then add a splash of color with the Irene slingbacks in sky blue. The silver Claressa necklace adds that polished, pristine finish.

The Intern movie kitchen

Image: Warner Bros.

The Parent Trap

Oh, to drink fresh-squeezed orange juice in a high-ceilinged California kitchen next to your father’s vineyard. On the unlikely chance that I ever find myself in this idyllic situation, I’ll have my outfit all planned out: the crisp, striped Nichols shirt paired with the stretchy Foster pants, Carter slides, and Claressa earrings. Actually, why wait? Might as well add these styles to my cart now…

The Parent Trap movie

Image: Walt Disney Pictures.

The Parent Trap kitchen inspired outfit

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Madeleine Kim

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