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How to Pack for a Summer Business Trip

How to Pack for a Summer Business Trip—Without Checking a Bag

The eight pieces you should bring, plus nine ideas on how to style them.

By Jasmine Ricks

Packing for a business trip can be a challenge, and when the summer heat is a factor, it only gets trickier. Not only do you have to find professional pieces that can be mixed and matched and won’t wrinkle in your suitcase—you also have to account for the inevitable reality of sweat. 

Not to fear: I’ve spent years advising my followers on smart workwear solutions. Here are my top tips for packing for a summer business trip in a carry-on.

Packing Tips for Summer Business Trips

Tip 1: Prioritize Power Travel Pieces

M.M.LaFleur recently introduced a new category called Power Travel. Every piece included is both comfortable and wrinkle-resistant enough to be worn in transit and polished enough for a work event. Basically, the idea is that you should be able to wear these styles from the plane to your first meeting without having to change—thus eliminating the need for a special “travel day” outfit.

Tip 2: More Tops, Fewer Layers

During summer, the biggest problem you’ll face with packing is the inevitability of sweat. Luckily, tops, which need to be washed most often, tend to take up the smallest amount of space in your suitcase, so you can get away with bringing several options to wear throughout your trip. In contrast, jackets tend to be bulkier, taking up more room in your bag. Try relying on a single layer that’s comfortable enough to wear on the plane, like the Merritt jardigan.

Tip 3: Behold: the Magic of Odor-Resistance

Several M.M.LaFleur pieces (such as the Nora top and Lagarde shirt) are treated with an all-natural anti-odor finish called Polygiene®, which means you can wear them multiple times without having to wash them (yes, even in summer!). It’s a game-changing feature in general, but especially when you’re on the road.

The Packing List

Summer Business Trip packing list

Style #1

The Merritt Jardigan

The Merritt jardigan is such an elevated piece, but because it’s so cozy and stretchy, you can also wear it for travel days. Layers tend to take up much more space in your suitcase than something like a tank top, so wearing them on the plane saves room. Plus, because it’s so versatile, the Merritt is a great option if you only have space for one jacket.

The Merritt Jardigan
Summer travel outfit

Styles #2 & #3

The Nora Top(s)

The Nora is a great top for layering under jackets and sweaters, and thanks to the elegant neckline, it can also be worn as a special-occasion piece. Even better: It’s wrinkle-resistant, odor-resistant, and machine-washable—the travel trifecta. I love it so much, I pack it in multiple colors.

The Nora Top
How to Pack for a Summer Business Trip

Styles #4 & #5

The Soyoung T-Shirt and Colby Pants

The cut of the Soyoung T-shirt is so chic and classic, but the best thing about it isn’t something you can see: It’s made from the most luscious organic pima cotton, and it feels like you’re wearing a cloud.

The Colby pants are super comfortable, lightweight, and easy to dress up or down. I’ve worn them with a T-shirt many times for travel days. For a formal work event, just pair them with the matching Moreland blazer, and you have a complete suit.

How to Pack for a Summer Business Trip

Style #6

The Paige Tank

The Paige tanks (plural, because I have them in multiple colors) are my favorite go-to layering pieces. They’re great for exploring the city on days off, or you can wear them under a blazer for work events. Because they’re so lightweight, you can fold them up into a compact shape and bring along several—especially key in summertime when you’ll likely be sweating.

mmlafleur The Paige Tank

Style #7

The Foster Pants

I just love these pants—and I totally get why they’re M.M.’s number-one best-selling style. They’re stretchy, chic, and so versatile. What more could you want?

mmlafleur The Foster Pants
Summer travel outfit

Style #8

The Milo Jeans

The Milo jeans are beautiful and so versatile—you can easily dress them up or down. But what I love most about them is how wrinkle-resistant they are. I’ve traveled a lot this year, and they’ve been one of my most-worn pairs of pants.

The Milo Jeans

Written By

Jasmine Ricks

Jasmine Ricks is the founder of the blog Life With Jazz, where she shares style tips, curated capsule wardrobes, workwear, and lots of neutrals. She also publishes a seasonal capsule wardrobe e-book and is the founder and designer behind the jewelry and accessories brand, SOPHIYA.

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