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Best Fall Outfits Inspiration

The Best Fall Outfit Inspiration Might Be Living in Your Own Backyard

Hint: It’s free, sometimes involves fur, and has been right before your eyes all along.

By Emma Steinbergs

The other evening, after wrapping up an especially busy day of work, I shut my laptop, whipped up one of my go-to one-pot recipes, and hurried out to one of my favorite places on Earth: my little apartment patio. As I sat there dining al fresco, I took inventory of the cherry tomatoes, shishito peppers, and miscellaneous herbs I’ve been cultivating over the course of the summer. I listened to the song of a robin perched on the fire escape next door. I watched a plump bumble bee bounce from flower to flower. I reveled in a multitude of these magical, quotidian moments—taking our team’s own advice to think less, notice more

While I relished this respite from being online, my mind was still abuzz with visions of the fall styles I’d been writing about recently. All of a sudden, my orange flowers resembled our bright coral dresses, the button-down I was wearing fluttered along with the warm breeze, and the Grenache in my glass looked just like the blazer sitting in my shopping cart. These connections between my immediate surroundings and our new fall collection were everywhere I looked, and I started to wonder: What other parallels can be drawn between nature and clothing? Furthermore, what can nature teach us about getting dressed? It turns out there’s quite a lot—if only you bother to stop and smell the roses. 

Below, discover seven ways we can use nature’s wisdom to help us get dressed—plus fall-ready outfits that embody these lessons.

1. Stand out in color and pattern.

From a peacock’s flashy plumage to a marigold’s fiery petals, nature knows how to use vibrant hues to its advantage. If you, too, want to stand out, take a page out of flora and fauna’s playbook by going bright and bold. Try the Eloise vest, whose strawberry hue is as attention-grabbing as it gets, and layer the striped Mila button-down underneath for some extra texture. To tie this look together, complement the blue stripe in your shirt with navy pants and sky-colored flats. Add the pearl Lillie earrings for a final hint of glint.

vibrant flower fall inspo
mmlafleur Best Fall Outfits
camouflage fall outfit

2. There’s comfort in camouflage.

Not looking to stand out in a crowd? That’s perfectly alright! Just as plants and animals might use their muted hues to conceal themselves, you can rely on neutral, monochromatic outfits to blend in with your surroundings—although style-wise, you’ll look noticeably chic. While I suppose you could rely on camo print, I recommend something slightly more refined, like an all-camel-colored combination. This fall, pair the Avelyn top with the matching Bia pants to create a drapey suit that’s to die for. Fill in the gaps with other tan items like the Delphine tank, the Ginger pumps, and the Yuna earrings.

fluffy fox

3. Layer according to the weather.

The best way to adapt to cooling weather? Grow a dense fur coat—or, if you’re human, wear a layered outfit. As we approach fall, temperatures tend to fluctuate, so you’ll want to rely on pieces you can easily put on or take off throughout the day. Start with the Shani top, which features elbow-length sleeves that give you plenty of coverage while wearing it solo, and wear the Rory cardigan when you want a touch of warmth or visual depth. Feeling chilly? Grab your outer layer, the boyfriend-style O’Hara blazer to match your windowpane plaid Mejia pants. The cognac Rowan flats, the gold Jessie necklace, and the glossy Karis earrings complete the look.

bird in snow
Layer outfits according to the weather
breezy days outfit

4. Embrace the breeze.

When you’re lucky enough to wake up to one of those lingering 70-degree days, we encourage you to embrace the elements. Next time you encounter such ideal weather, amplify the feeling of opening a window and savoring the breeze by wearing airy pieces like the slightly sheer Brodie top, the swooshy Zhou culottes, the open-toed Ella sandals, and the swingy Briar earrings.

chairs by the sea

5. Let it roll off your back.

You may not have the slippery skin of a dolphin or the oily fur of an otter, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to be damp whenever a rainy day comes your way. Next time there’s a questionable forecast, suit up in the Moreland blazer and the matching Maaza dress. Made from our OrigamiTech fabric, these pieces are not only travel-friendly but also more water-repellent than your average suiting materials. As one of our customers recently reported, “The Maaza dress is incredibly comfortable, does not wrinkle, and looks extremely cute. As a bonus, the fabric repelled the coffee that I spilled on myself!” Finish your sleek look with leather sneakers, shiny hoops, and our new stainless steel Blige necklace.

leaves with rain drops
mmlafleur blazer and dress fall outfit
mmlafleur dress

6. Efficiency gives you an edge.

Creatures in the wild make the most of their time, maximizing their chance for survival and minimizing their downtime. As modern-day humans, we’ll never swear off life’s non-essential pleasures, like getting lost in a novel, exploring a foreign country, or honing a skill outside of work, but we could certainly optimize our lives by cutting down on mindless Instagram scrolling—and making busy mornings less stressful with extra-easy ensembles. Next time you’re in a hurry, slip on the ultimate one-and-done outfit, a dress, in a matter of seconds. Featuring a classic plaid and gorgeous tailoring, the Jeannine dress holds its own, so nothing else is needed here, besides a pair of polished shoes and an optional accessory.

bird silhouettes in the sky

7. Use it or lose it.

When’s the last time you saw a tree hang onto its dead leaves “for old time’s sake?” Or a snake keep its moltings around just in case it might re-wear them one day? Never. Plants and animals only hold onto things that serve a clear purpose in their lives, and you should, too. Next time you’re due for a closet cleanout, head on over to our resale site, Second Act, to sell your pre-loved M.M. pieces and redeem your earnings as cash or store credit. You can also find a home for your unwanted non-M.M. items by taking advantage of our exclusive partnership with ThredUp.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

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Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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