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Cozy Cashmere Styling Ideas

Five Cozy Cashmere Looks I Can’t Wait to Wear This Fall

Wearing cashmere is like getting an all-day hug. Here’s how I’m styling it this season.

By Madeleine Kim

It’s finally fall, and until further notice, you can find me wearing cashmere and only cashmere.

I’m joking—but only because it’s still in the seventies where I live. The moment the temperature dips below fifty, my wardrobe will be all sweaters, all the time. 

There’s a feeling you get when you wear high-quality cashmere, a feeling of warmth that goes further than skin deep. Wearing an M.M. cashmere sweater is like getting an all-day hug, and it can mentally transport you to wherever you want to go (when I wear my Arbus sweater, I see myself crunching through leaves as I stroll past the Stars Hollow gazebo).

The cashmere sweater is perhaps the only garment that can simultaneously act as a comforting weighted-blanket alternative and a sartorial symbol of sophistication. And I, for one, can’t wait to start wearing it. Here are five cozy cashmere outfits I’m planning to try out this fall and beyond.

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For the Company Offsite

Next week, I’m heading to Manhattan for M.M.’s annual company offsite. I’m looking forward to seeing my coworkers in person—and I’m also excited to be seen in the outfit I have picked out. When I’m on Zoom, I only get to show off my looks from the shoulders up, so for the offsite, I’m planning to make my pants the main event by wearing the Horton in Shiraz, along with the Lana boots in burgundy. I’ll top the outfit off with the luxurious plush cashmere Lea sweater, which is made with up to five times the amount of yarn as a typical cashmere sweater. As a result, it’s so warm and snuggly, I likely won’t even need a coat. The shiny gold Marcy earrings and the chic but practical Senreve Maestra bag complete the look.

mmlafleur Cashmere

For Date Night

I’m hoping that by the time I get back to Texas at the end of the month, it’ll be warm enough to wear my plush cashmere Theo sweater for a date night with my husband—fingers crossed! If my wish comes true, I’ll half-tuck my sweater into the slinky, stretchy Harlem skirt in dark elm for a cozy but elevated look. The Theo sweater features a wide neckline, so I wear it with a bra I don’t mind showing off just a little bit (you can also opt for a tank top if you prefer something more modest).

mmlafleur cashmere sweater

For Weekend Wine-Tasting

One of my favorite fall activities around Austin is taking a day trip to Fredericksburg for some wine-tasting. Most wineries are pretty casual, but I like to dress up ever so slightly, just to make the day feel extra special. The slightly cropped Arbus sweater is a no-brainer thanks to its easy cut and just-right length. Pairing it with the wide-leg Zuri pants gives the whole outfit an on-trend feel, and the crisp white Koio sneakers will keep me comfortable as I stroll around the vineyards. It won’t be cold enough for a coat, so I’ll add texture and color with the Nash scarf, made from soft alpaca wool.

mmlafleur Cashmere Styling Ideas

For a Day of (Fun) Errands

Maybe this is weird, but I actually really enjoy a day of errands. I grab my headphones, pick out a good playlist, and drive around town reveling in the satisfaction of checking things off my to-do list. Of course, wearing a great outfit is a big part of what makes this fun, and this fall, I have the perfect look picked out: the cocoon-esque Thomas hoodie in plush cashmere paired with my stretchy Milo jeans, Koio sneakers, and Claressa hoops. Last but not least, I’ll bring along my Bags in Progess tote to carry any fall treats I happen to pick up along the way.

mmlafleur Cashmere hoodie

For Working from Home

Despite what the other activities on this list may have you believe, I spend the majority of my time at home, working at my desk. At the beginning of my WFH life, I leaned into mullet dressing and spent most days wearing an M.M. top with sweatpants; but for the past couple of years, I’ve transitioned into a more put-together phase. These days, I get fully dressed for work, but always in comfortable pieces. The Foster pant (which we just released in a new color!) is a go-to, as is anything in our buttery soft silk jersey, and I keep the cashmere Caro sweater draped on the back of my chair for times when I need an extra bit of warmth.

Cashmere Styling Ideas for Fall

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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