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Work Trip Packing Lists

Everything I Packed (and Wore) for My Tour with the M.M.LaFleur Roadshow

Our VP of Brand & Creative shares her packing lists for trips to D.C. and Chicago.

By Callie Kant

For the past couple weeks, some of us from M.M. Headquarters have ventured out to visit our stores as part of our big fall Roadshow. It’s been an amazing way to visit our stores, meet our local community, and bring a bit of Practical Magic to our stores. It has also meant a lot of packing for me and the team. And despite the fact that I work for M.M.LaFleur, I’m (in)famous among my friends for taking forever to pack—after all, how am I supposed to know what I’ll want to wear a few days from now? To combat my packing procrastination, I’ve been running a little experiment for these Roadshow trips: come up with efficient, capsule-style packing lists of comfortable, mix-and-matchable pieces that let me hit the road in style. After packing in under an hour for each trip, I might never look back. Here’s what I packed and wore to visit Washington, D.C. and Chicago

Work Trip Packing Lists
Train from New York to D.C. outfit

Train from New York to D.C.

I like to travel in something comfortable, but still respectable; I think workout leggings belong in a gym. For this trip, I tucked a brightly colored Choe top into the Milo jean in ink, threw on some white sneakers, and added the Avelyn top (worn open), in case the train got chilly. When my cab to the train station got stuck behind a garbage truck, I had to get out and sprint three avenue blocks so I didn’t miss my train. When I arrived, out of breath but just in the nick of time, I was thrilled my entire outfit was machine-washable.

Dinner with a friend

After settling into the hotel, I got ready for dinner with a friend at local restaurant Compass Rose. I wore the Lisey cami in safari, the Frame Denim Le Garcon jeans, the Scotte jacket (which is sold out, but very similar to the Avelyn), a pair of loafers, and some sparkly earrings for good measure. I turned up to dinner and was unintentionally twinning with my friend—whom I hadn’t seen in almost six years. Great minds.

Dinner with a friend outfit
mmlafleur work trip Dinner
work trip breakfast outfit
mmlafleur work trip packing

Customer Breakfast

The next morning, we welcomed some of our D.C. customers to breakfast at the Jefferson Hotel. It was so much fun hearing about their lives, seeing them in their M.M., and showing them a sneak peek of our holiday collection. I layered the new OrigamiTech O’Hara blazer in wine (my third O’Hara, because some pieces should be bought in multiples) over the Lisey cami and the Milo jean in fawn, while the Claressa earrings and the Rowan flat acted as finishing touches. In true M.M. fashion, I’m a perfectionist who sometimes spills on myself, so one coffee spill later, it was a plus that the whole outfit was washable.

Remarkable Women Dinner

That night, we hosted a dinner in our D.C. showroom for some truly remarkable women we admire in D.C. The most exciting part of the evening was listening to the inspiring answers these women had to a question we posed for everyone: What would the you of 10 years ago say if she saw you now? A close second was getting to don my new Eloise sweater vest in a very on-trend red. Layered over the Lagarde shirt and paired with vegan leather Archies, a fun earring, and snakeskin embossed flats, I felt like the embodiment of fall. Pro tip: As a petite (I’m only 5’2”), I like to snap up the adjustable hems when I wear the Archies with flats to show a little ankle.

mmlafleur work trip fashion
mmlafleur work trip dinner outfits
Chicago work trip packing list
work trip flight outfit

Flight from NY to Chicago

The following week, we headed to Chicago for the next stop on our roadshow. Our plane may have been delayed for 3.5 hours, but thankfully, I was plenty comfortable with my Owen T-shirt half-tucked into my Archie jeans. White sneakers and my Avelyn jacket topped off the look.

Poker Power

After settling into the hotel, we headed to our Chicago store in River North for our Poker Power 101 event. The Poker Power team taught us about when to fold, when to bet, and how to take educated risks—in poker and in life. While working on my notoriously bad poker face, I wore the Archie jeans with the Aubry top in Mars, the O’Hara blazer in stretch houndstooth (for a similar style with more sizes available, try the Yiyan), the Claressa earrings in silver, and a black loafer.

Chicago work trip outfit idea
Chicago work trip packing ideas
hotel breakfast fashion
mmlafleur work trip breakfast outfit

Customer Breakfast

The next morning, we greeted some local customers at the Langham Hotel for a leisurely breakfast. After realizing I’d forgotten to pack my Eloise vest (old packing habits die hard!), I made a quick shift in outfit plans. I paired the Choe top in basil with my trusty O’Hara in stretch houndstooth, the Archie pants in vegan leather, and the snakeskin Rowan for some visual interest.

Remarkable Women Dinner

After spending the afternoon wading through my inbox, I changed for our Chicago Remarkable Women Dinner. For nighttime, I wanted to wear some pattern and shine, so I matched the Aubry top with the Orchard skirt in Sahara, my Beebe belt, and the Hyo jacket in everyday satin. My Zelda boots were comfy enough that I could be on my feet all night with some extra height, and the Karis earrings lent a little more shine.

business trip dinner outfit

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Callie Kant

Callie Kant is the VP of Brand & Creative at M.M.LaFleur. She’s worn many hats in her career, but only this one is made of cashmere.

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