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5 All-Black Outfits for When You’re Feeling Witchy

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Either way, you’re going to need a great all-black outfit.

By Caitlin Abber

Is it just me, or is there something about dressing up as a witch on Halloween that just feels….right? Maybe it’s because it’s just a little more eyeliner than usual, dark red nails, and pointy-hat-to-toe black, but a witch costume doesn’t really feel like a costume at all, and that’s what I love about it. In fact, I’m so fond of the aesthetic, I wear it all year ‘round. 

These are the outfits I gravitate towards when asking myself, “which kind of witch am I today?”

The Boss Witch

This is the all-black, skinny-jean-and-elevated-T-shirt look a NYC witch would wear to her cool PR job. The boots are a little square in the toe, but they’re still witchy enough that everyone knows to get out of your way. 

The Off-Duty Witch

Despite centuries of attempts, we can’t make eye of newt appear out of nowhere (or via same-day delivery), so even witches need to run errands. For witching around town, a pair of vegan leather leggings, a cozy pullover, trusty flats, and Stevie Nicks in our headphones is the plan.

The Resting Witch

Like everyone, witches need time to recharge (resting witch face is a real thing!). So on days that are more Netflix than broomsticks, I recommend the Axam T-shirt paired with the magically wrinkle-resistant Delaney joggers, a fuzzy pair of slippers, and a cauldron of soup on the stove. 

The Bad Witch

If you want someone to fall in love with you, put a spell on them by combining the vegan leather Chloe dress, the cloak-like Colette jardigan, and the classically witchy Lana boots. But fair warning: This is one of the most effective outfits in a witch’s closet, so use with caution.

The Head Witch in Charge

As any veteran witch will tell you, there’s no spell quite as potent as confidence. So if you really want to channel your inner witch—maybe while you’re interviewing for a big job, meeting with an attorney, or presenting at a conference—make sure your outfit makes you feel supreme. The James dress, with its fitted bodice and bra-hiding snaps, will make you feel positively bewitching. Top it with the interweave Lilia jacket and a pair of Ginger pumps, and you’ll be raising hell in no time. 

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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