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Shop Similar Styles: The Leo pullover, the Bennet Blazer, the Horton pant, and the Ginger pump.

How to Dress Like The Women Of Succession

The women of “Succession” are some of the most stylish, elegant, and terrifying characters on TV. Here’s how to dress like them.

By Caitlin Abber

Even if you’ve never watched an episode of Jessie Armstrong’s Succession, you’ve likely heard a lot about the clothes, and for good reason. There’s only a handful of lead actresses on the show, but when it comes to fashion, every episode is an A+ homerun. Of course, there’s Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, the only daughter of family patriarch, Logan Roy, and in my opinion, the obvious successor to the Roy family empire. Shiv is best known for her turtlenecks, high-waisted pants, and beyond impeccable suits, but frankly, all the women on the series have enviable stealth-wealth wardrobes, thanks to Emmy-nominated costume designer Michelle Matland. It’s a big part of why the show is so fun to watch—in addition to addictively stressful scenes like Connor’s wedding and back-stabbing characters like Lukas Matsson.

Below, we put together quiet-luxury looks inspired by the five most stylish women on Succession. (Don’t worry: We don’t include any spoilers about the final season.)

Dress Like The Women Of Succession

Shiv Roy

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Shiv’s clothes, and I highly doubt it will be the last. In typical underdog-turned-heroine fashion, as Shiv becomes more powerful, her style evolves as well (see: her chic bob). And though we’ve only seen one outfit so far this season, the tan suit and white top she wore in the premiere took her from press conference to private jet to limo to an important meeting with an extremely sought-after lawyer, all without even a touch-up (throughout the whole episode, I was wondering when she stopped for a blowdry or swung through a Pret a Manger for a sandwich). Regardless, her jacket stayed pressed, and her top remained crisp and spotless. Looking for a suit with similar stamina and style? Pair the Bennett blazer in camel with the matching Horton pants, and wear the machine-washable, silk jersey Leo pullover in cream underneath.

The Rashida top, the Mejia pant, the Celia earrings, and the Grace loafers


Marcia Roy

After last season, it’s unclear how much airtime Marcia Roy, Logan’s (ex?)-wife, will get this time around. Regardless, we need to talk about her style, because it is the epitome of refined elegance—and honestly, it’s an easy style to emulate. You’re going to need a sophisticated black top, like the sculptural Rashida, a pair of flawlessly tailored pants, like the Mejia, and a timeless pair of loafers—all in black, of course. A little bit of artful accessorizing is an understated and necessary finishing touch. 

Gerri Kellman

Gerri Kellman, general counsel to Waystar Royco, is absurdly good at staying cool under pressure. A woman with experience, insight, and the gravitas required to command respect, she’s probably Shiv’s toughest competition for the position of next head honcho. She’s also a little mysterious, and her will-they-or-won’t-they relationship with Roman Roy is what every viewer is buzzing about this season. As a woman who wears many hats and needs to stay on top of every messy situation, Gerri’s wardrobe is easy, versatile, and polished. Classic style is her go-to, and she pulls it off in Power Casual combos of tailored shirts, blazers, and chic black pants. We can see her schooling the boys in the boardroom in the O’Hara blazer with the Tatum top underneath, paired with the Foster pants. As for shoes, Gerri probably wears flats like the Rowans, since this dysfunctional family always keeps her on her toes.

The Nene dress, the Jensen trench, the Ella sandal, and the Williamina earrings



Rhea Jarrell

Rhea Jarrell, played by the legendary Holly Hunter, is an intriguing character with a curious backstory. Formerly the CEO of Waystar Royco, her motives aren’t always obvious, and her relationship with Logan Roy makes everyone just a teensy bit uncomfortable. Her sense of style, on the other hand, is exquisite. We haven’t seen her yet this season, but last season, she stole the show in a slinky champagne gown we’ve been wanting to emulate ever since. And the silk charmeuse Nene dress is a pretty close contender. All this statement dress needs is a pair of black heels, a sparkly earring, and a trench coat (so you can slip out the back without causing a scene).

Rava Roy

Rava Roy, the estranged wife of Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), might be the most realistic woman on the show—no ludicrously capacious bags here. She’s elegant and stylish, but still wears jeans and T-shirts. In fact, in the season premiere, she wore an outfit that looked like it was straight out of my own closet: A great pair of skinny jeans, a crisp T-shirt, a cozy (but luxurious) cardigan, and though we couldn’t see her feet, probably a pair of white sneakers.

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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