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6 Tips to Help You Dress for Summer in Style

July 19, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

This time of year, getting dressed can be deceptively tricky: You want to look polished, but you also want easy, fuss-free outfits that won’t make you overheat. We asked Nyjerah, M.M. stylist extraordinaire, to share her tips for taking your summer outfits up a notch—without having to work too hard. Here’s what she had to say.

1. Wear a dress as a jacket.

Casey wears the Dylan dress, the Amber dress, and the Tenley necklace.

Button-up dresses are extremely versatile: They can also be worn as jackets! For this look, I styled Casey in the curve-hugging Dylan dress and layered the Amber dress on top. The oversized silhouette of the Amber balances the more tailored fit underneath. 

2. Don’t put away your scarves just because it’s summer.

Katie wears the Jane dress, the Plisse scarf, the Mildred earrings, and the Ella sandal.

Scarves aren’t only for cold weather. Think of them as your summer shawl, and keep one draped over your desk chair for quick access. 

3. Mix and match different prints.

Emma wears the Molly cardigan, the Ronda top, the Cobble Hill skirt, and the D-Ring belt.

When you wear prints, you don’t need to be matchy-matchy—mixing different patterns adds elegant dimension to your outfit. Here, I paired the faded stripe pattern of the Ronda top with the micro jacquard Cobble Hill skirt

4. Break up a monochrome outfit by tying a sweater around your waist.

Mina wears the Avery top, the Zhou culotte, and the Chadwick top.

Yes, tying a layer around your waist can look touristy—but not if the layer is a chic, lightweight sweater that breaks up a cool, monochrome ensemble. Mina wears head-to-toe sugarplum, and the airy Chadwick top adds a casual touch to her look.

5. Roll up your sleeves.

Christina wears the Coleman top, the Chester pant, the Wide Strap belt, and the Tristan earrings.

A quick way to make your outfit feel more relaxed (but still polished)? Double roll the sleeves. 

6. Tie a sash in an unexpected way.

Getchine wears the Selena top and the Zhou culotte.

Rather than knot a sash in a single loop and let the ends hang loose, try styling it to look like a belt and securing it in back. Voilà: wait-defining volume.

Photographs by Matthew Priestley. Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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