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What to Wear to Rewrite Your Summer

The sun is shining, and it’s time to make some memories.

By Madeleine Kim

For obvious reasons, the summer of 2020 is not what we expected. Vacations have been canceled; weddings have been postponed; dog birthday parties have been relegated to Zoom. But the sun is shining, and, believe it or not, it’s already mid-July. In other words: It’s time to reclaim your summer. Here’s what to wear for some socially-distanced fun in the sun.

For “Hiking” Through Your City

You don’t need to live near a mountain to enjoy a weekend hike. The next time you’re craving some outdoor activity, slather on the SPF, pack up some trail mix, and trek to a different neighborhood in your city. For your outfit, machine-washability is key—because sweat happens, and your dry cleaner doesn’t need to see that. I recommend the Milo jeans for their legging-like stretch and denim-like durability, paired with the breezy Flaka top in our super lightweight staccato fabric.

For Dining Al Fresco

There’s something about eating outside that feels romantic and quintessentially summer. Perhaps you live in a city where outdoor dining is an option. Or perhaps you’ve gotten really into eating Cheez-Its and peanut butter (trust me—try it) from a socially-distanced patch of grass in your local park. In either case, wearing the stretchy Giulia top tucked into the flowy Orchard skirt will take your outdoor lunch to the next level.

For Partying with Your Pod

This season’s hottest, most exclusive party? One where only people you’re quarantining with are invited. Break the monotony of sheltering in place by inviting your pod-mates to put on their party clothes and start feeling festive, just because. For best results, drink this, listen to this, spin this—and wear the Jane dress in freeform, a pattern that’s like the grown-up version of confetti.


For Eating Too Much Ice Cream

Whether or not your local ice cream parlor is open right now, I’m officially giving you permission to eat New-Jersey-parlor-sized portions of ice cream all summer long (for those of you not from the tristate area, that means a “single scoop” equals about a pint of ice cream). Wardrobe-wise, opt for the Greenpoint skirt in russet paired with the Sloane top in peony—an outfit that’s put-together, perfect for warm weather, and mildly reminiscent of strawberry ice cream atop a sugar cone. An added bonus: this stretchy ensemble means ultimate comfort—even if you do overindulge.

For Reading a Novel (and Really Making an Event Out of It)

For me, reading novels is the best kind of self-care. And during quarantine, I’ve learned to turn my reading time into an event, which just makes it that much more special. First, I put on an outfit that makes me feel polished and confident—and is also comfy enough to sit/lay/curl up in, obviously. Lately, the Anderson pant in magnolia paired with the Lise top in bronze has been a go-to. Then, I choose a quiet spot with good light (crisply made beds or park benches work well), grab a full glass of cold water, and—here comes the important part—put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode. There’s really nothing like reading a great book in a beautiful outfit as you ignore the chaos that is your inbox.

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