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5 Summer Outfits Featuring Fresh Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are back and brighter than ever.

By Emma Steinbergs

Bold colors have always helped our customers feel more confident and high-spirited. And while current office attire looks quite different than it did in pre-pandemic years, M.M. fans have never stopped requesting more jewel-tone styles. 

Perhaps there is some complex scientific explanation as to why rich, vibrant hues seem to look fantastic on everyone (if someone knows, we invite you to hop into our customer Slack channel and nerd out). Maybe so many of us have a soft spot for jewel tones because we associate them with the lustrous, coveted stones for which they’re named. No matter the reason, our customers continually remind us that there’s an endless demand for these complexion-complementing colors.

This week, we launched three brand-new hues: berry, Carolina blue, and tropical green. While jewel tones are often associated with the holiday season and cold-weather wardrobes, we’re reintroducing this color category in a fresh way that aligns with how we’re dressing for the current moment (think playful silhouettes and cheerful colors balanced with Power Casual practicality and unexpected versatility). Here are our freshest tips for wearing our new jewel tones this summer.


Don’t Hold Back

Summer is the season to be a little more carefree and playful with your style. Don’t be afraid to combine a jewel tone with a not-quite-matching pattern and dramatic proportions. Yes, you can wear that billowy floral blouse with brilliant blue culottes—even though that exact blue isn’t in the blouse. As long as the print incorporates a lighter version of your jewel tone, your combo will be cohesive. Finish the look with the streamlined Carter slide, and enjoy your breezy ensemble!


Power Casual-ify It

In case you’re not yet familiar, ‘Power Casual’ is the way many of us are dressing now—fusing at-home comfort with out-in-the-world polish. Once your Fatima dress has fulfilled its summer wedding-guest duties, casual styling can give it a whole new Power Casual identity. Opt for lowkey, neutral pairings like the slightly oversized Wiley cardigan, crisp white Koio sneakers, and a fresh take on pearl earrings.


The Sandwich Method

Vibrant dresses like the Lara serve as easy, one-and-done summer outfits, but their styling possibilities aren’t always obvious. When in doubt, lean on this foolproof outfit formula: your jewel-toned dress + a neutral layer (e.g. the Scotte jacket) + a matching neutral shoe (e.g. the Ella sandal). Voilà! Your berry dress just became a stylish jam sandwich.


Play with Pattern

When you’re not wearing your fuchsia Paige tank and slides with jeans or sweatshorts, you can elevate your jewel-toned essential with a punchy pattern. The Orchard skirt in garden print is a prime example of a patterned piece that incorporates several color-pairing options and has a silhouette that matches the ease and sleekness of your tank.


Dive into Deep Sea

If typical jewel tones aren’t for you, you might want to give our best-selling deep sea color a try. As compared to the bright hues featured above, deep sea can operate as a pseudo-neutral in your outfits, but it’s more unique than black or navy. Pair this year-round customer favorite with creams and whites throughout the warmer months (try the Archie jean in tusk), and tie everything together with a dark neutral shoe like the Carter slide.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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