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How to Style Our Most Popular Jacket in Every Color

Meet the jacket that Merritts merits a styling deep dive.

By Emma Steinbergs

Confession: I used to overlook the Merritt jardigan. I’m a former stylist, so this likely had something to do with the sheer number of times I’d laid eyes on the Woolf and Sant Ambroeus, the founding members of our jardigan (jacket + cardigan) family, by the time the Merritt was born in 2019. Interestingly enough, it was people who had never even heard of M.M. who helped me to see just how special this style really is.

While helping out at our recent ice cream sandwich giveaway in NYC, I noticed that just about everyone who browsed our clothing display gushed over the Merritt jardigan. To be honest, I was floored at the passion behind these reactions, which came from a broad demographic of women. They were Zoomers (apparently that’s what we’re calling members of Gen Z), Baby Boomers, and everything in between. Their style ranged from trendy to traditional. And as humans tend to be, they were of all shapes and sizes. Practically overnight, I saw this Power Casual essential transform before my eyes into the M.M. equivalent of the magical jeans from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

While all of our jardigans are innovative (combining the structure of a jacket with the stretch of a cardigan), there’s something extra special about the Merritt—beyond its sharp lapels and waist-cinching tie. After realizing the error of my ways, I wanted to give this beloved layer its due moment in the spotlight. So, I put together a styling guide that illustrates its versatility. 

Scroll to see our elevated, Power Casual, and cozy pairing recommendations for all five shades of the Merritt jardigan.

The Merritt Jardigan In


You probably already have a black jacket—but not this black jacket. This wear-with-anything layer looks like a business blazer from afar and feels like a cozy cardigan up close.

Elevated: Interviewing? Cinch the Merritt over a tailored power dress, and shed your layer before the big moment. You’ll feel like a diva exiting her green room or a boxer entering the ring. Accessorize your unstoppable ensemble with the statement-making embossed snakeskin Ginger pump and Yuna earring. Break a leg! Knock ‘em out!

Power Casual: Silk dresses don’t have to be fancy, especially if they’re machine-washable. Put the Bevin dress to work with a leather sneaker, go-to gold hoops, and your elevated-yet-lowkey layer.

Cozy: Feeling lazy in the face of a long to-do list? Go for black and white knits that look business-like and feel like pajamas. Wear the Barbara sweater under your Merritt, pull on the equally stretchy Stella legging, and slip into some sophisticated slippers.

The Merritt Jardigan In


The preferred neutral of the French, navy is a magnifique alternative to black. While we fully endorse pairing your navy jardigan with black, you can also stick with blues and whites if you like a more classic look.

Elevated: Navy suits have a distinctively dapper quality about them, and they’re even better when they’re secretly stretchy. Pair the Merritt with the matching Harlem skirt, and emphasize the elegance of this knit suit by opting for pairings in luxurious textures. The sumptuous silk Darcy top, kidskin Ginger pump, and sculptural gold Sima earring fit the bill.

Power Casual: Made from machine-washable silk jersey, the square-neck Joya top is elegant and easy all at once—just like the Merritt. Commit to blue pieces like the dark navy Foster pant and the Leila necklace for a look that flows from head to toe. Add a pop of contrast with the Carter slide in cognac.

Cozy: Sail into the weekend by swapping the Joya top for the nautical striped Alina T-shirt, and trade in your Carter slide for the more slipper-adjacent Koio Elba slide.

The Merritt Jardigan In


Somewhere in between brown and charcoal, ash is that unexpected neutral your closet’s been waiting for. Pair your ash jardigan with similar earthy tones, or create a monochromatic set with matching separates.

Elevated: In a styling slump? Spark inspiration by using multi-toned jewelry as a starting point. Take a look at the Jojo earring, and select a few colors to pull in throughout your outfit—brown, white, and light blue, for example. This could translate into pieces like the matching Merritt jardigan and Harlem skirt in ash, the Nora top in alabaster, and the Irene slingback in sky blue.

Power Casual: Repeat the above process, but with a print. Give the new patterned Sloane top a spin, and select black and warm-toned neutrals pairings. Try layering your ash Merritt jardigan over the Sloane top, and complete the look with the Archie jean, black Carter slide, and gold Claressa earring.

Cozy: Love the knit suiting look but still working from home? Switch out the Harlem skirt for the more nap-friendly Finley pant, and replace your elevated blouse with a pima cotton T-shirt. When you’re not barefoot, cozy up in the Emu Teddy slipper.

The Merritt Jardigan In


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