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Investing in Your Style Is an Act of Self-Care—and These 15 Pieces Prove It

We all wear clothes, so why not use your outfits as opportunities for self-care?

By Madeleine Kim

Bubble baths, face masks, weighted blankets, and rom coms: Some markers of self-care have been referenced so often, they’ve become clichés. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work. At the root of every over-referenced self-help stereotype is some legitimately sage advice: Slow down (with a long bath). Disassociate guilt from indulgence (because what’s so wrong about watching It’s Complicated for the ninth time?). Invest in yourself (and the fancy blanket that will make you happy every time you sit on your couch). 

This applies to your wardrobe, too. Choosing soft fabrics makes your days more comfortable. Opting for easy-care styles pares down your to-do list. Wearing sharp, powerful pieces acts as emotional armor and boosts your confidence. We all wear clothes, so why not use your outfits as opportunities for self-care? Here are fifteen styles we recommend.

Swaddle Yourself

This one’s obvious: When you need comfort, it helps to wear clothes that are comfortable. Burrow into soft, cozy fabrics and envelop yourself in clothes that feel like hugs. We recommend the Axam turtleneck, made from luxurious pima cotton, and the Tyler sweatshirt, now available in a cable stripe pattern that would look right at home in this dreamy setting. If you’d like an extra layer, reach for the Sierra shacket, made from a light scuba material that feels like a cross between your nicest yoga pants and your plushest pajamas.

Wear Joyful Colors

The colors you wear (literally) set the tone for your day. If you need a mood boost, turn to vibrant tones like chartreuse and papaya. For a complete, joyful ensemble, pair that papaya sweater with the washable silk Orchard skirt in cutout print, which is basically wearable art.

Say Yes to Stretch

“Business casual” doesn’t have to mean “stiff and uncomfortable.” In fact, days with back-to-back meetings are often when we crave comfort most. Dresses like the classic Winston and A-line Ruth look polished and professional, and they’re made from fabrics so stretchy, you’ll forget you’re wearing work clothes. Prefer pants? Try the elastic-waistband Colby pants, newly available in a lightweight knit called stretch foulard.

Easy-Care = Self-Care

Investing in easy-care styles is a gift to your future self, and our designers pride themselves on developing unexpectedly machine-washable styles. For example, while most blazers feature too delicate a construction for the washing machine, the cropped Nia jacket was made to withstand plenty of movement. Similarly, you might be surprised to learn that the vegan leather Archie pants and plaid Mejia pants are also washing machine-friendly, despite their elevated looks and luxe fabrics.

Clothes as Armor

We believe that clothing can act as emotional armor against whatever your day throws at you. Heading into a morning of difficult meetings? Wear the powerful Kati jacket and walk in with your head held high. Meeting new people and nervous about making a good impression? Project confidence in the Noa dress. Just having an off day? Turn on the charm in the trench-inspired Gwynne dress, which can also be worn as a jacket.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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