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Nine Fall Styles M.M. Employees Are Adding to Their Carts Right Now

Our fall collection has so much to offer. Not sure where to begin? Here are nine M.M. employees’ two cents.

By Emma Steinbergs

Shopping for fall clothes is like eating at a buffet (the high-end kind you find at an impeccably planned soirée). Your options are plentiful, so you have countless delicious combinations at your fingertips. This abundance is exhilarating, but it also requires some minorly stressful decision-making. Just as you might consider how salmon vs. steak would pair with the rest of the food on your plate, you must analyze how a washable wool trouser vs. a sleek scuba skirt will enhance the other clothes in your closet.

If you’ve browsed our new fall collection, featuring 60 new styles and colors, you’re likely familiar with this delightful type of dilemma. To help you avoid decision paralysis as you dig into this collection, I asked nine of my colleagues to choose an MVP (most valuable piece). Here are their picks.

Callie, VP of Brand & Creative

1. The Wren Top

“I know: Everyone loves fall. Pumpkin spice, spooky season, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I’m really more of a summer girl, myself. I love our new floral cutout print pieces, like the Wren top, because they’ll let me hold onto that summer energy just a little bit longer. Who says boldly joyful florals aren’t for fall?”

Anna, Senior E-Commerce Associate

2. The Arbus Sweater

“I’ve been saving my store credit from Second Act to buy the Arbus sweater in papaya. Orange is one of my favorite colors to wear throughout the year, especially with all the time I spend on Zoom. I think we all welcome an unexpected pop of color on our screens! Since the Arbus features a slightly cropped silhouette, I can’t wait to wear it with high-waisted jeans—and under my furry leopard-print coat when winter hits.”

Maria, Senior Manager of Brand Communications & Partnerships

3. The O’Hara Blazer

“The O’Hara blazer is the single coolest style in my whole closet; it instantly makes every piece I wear it with look chicer and edgier. Everyone on the M.M. team knows that I own every single O’Hara color we have ever designed (they find this endearing about me)—and this plaid version is about to be my new favorite among the bunch.”

Alexa, Director of CRM

4. The Charli Top

“I bought my very first Charli top two months ago, and waiting that long to buy this style has been one of the greatest (clothing) regrets of my life. The sleek fit, the cozy-yet-structured fabric, the not-quite-short-yet-not-quite-full-length sleeves…I could keep going. Simply put, it looks and feels like so much more than a basic knit top. And now we go and launch it in cable stripe: a pattern that can be a neutral base that pairs with anything or a way to spice up a casual look. M.M., just keep my paycheck this week.”

Maddie, Senior Brand Manager

5. The Sierra Shacket

“I’ve loved the Sierra shacket ever since we first released it, but I held off on buying it, because I was hoping we’d make it in black. Lucky me! My style has gotten increasingly casual over the past few years, so I have zero patience for anything that feels restrictive or uncomfortable. I rely heavily on pieces like the Sierra, which give my outfits extra polish and edge without having to go back to form-fitting pieces. Plus, the soft vegan leather and oversized-yet-streamlined shape make it easy to throw on over pretty much anything.”

Taylor, Manager of Retail Marketing

6. The Whitney Skirt

“Between the luxe sharkskin suiting material and the petite-friendly silhouette, the Whitney skirt is the one for me. It also doesn’t hurt that it reminds me of Cher Horowitz from Clueless. But for my take on this iconic outfit, I’ll be staying true to my New Yorker self and wearing a black turtleneck and black booties.”

Sam, Senior Planning Associate

7. The Axam T-Shirt

“Since I joined M.M. this past spring, the Axam T-shirt has been at the top of my shopping list. I’ve been patiently waiting for the weather to cool down so that I can justify snagging it in every color. My style is always centered around being comfortable, and the stretchy material of the Axam just to die for. I cannot wait to pair the Axam in army melange with a vegan leather pant and lace up my combat boots. More of a dress person? Try layering it under the Chloe.”

Shelby, Senior Manager of Merchandising & Product Development

8. The Jeannine Dress

“Ever since we decided to make the Jeannine dress in our new Italian plaid sharkskin, I’ve imagined myself (or someone cooler) wearing it with Dr. Martens and the Nicky jacket like a ’90s punk princess. While I might switch out the Docs for my Zelda boots, I’ll still feel simultaneously edgy and elegant.”

Kathleen, CRM Associate

9. The Tyler Sweater

“I’ve admired the Tyler sweatshirt since this swingy silhouette first launched. This fall, I’m finally going to seal the deal and can’t wait to try this cable stripe version as I get up to all of my fall activities, from drinking wine in my apartment to working at the M.M. office. I think my go-to pairing will end up being black jeans or my beloved Zhou culottes. The options are endless!”

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Senior Brand Associate. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and Customer Communications Associate, and she still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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