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The Power Casual Report: April, 2023

These outfit formulas are work-life balance in clothing form.

By Emma Steinbergs

Spring is in the air, and we’re this close to bursting into song. But most of us don’t have Broadway-worthy pipes, so this season, you can find us creating harmony in a different way. Cue this month’s Power Casual Report—featuring flexible clothing and time-saving outfit formulas.

In case you haven’t heard, Power Casual is the clothing equivalent of work-life balance. It’s a way of dressing that does away with the boundary between on-duty and off-duty—allowing you to build one cohesive closet that supports you in a wide variety of settings. For example, picture a sleek ponte blazer paired with Better Than Denim jeans. Plenty polished for a presentation and stretchy enough for a post-work hang in the park (read: criss-cross-applesauce-approved).

For this month’s Power Casual Report, we’ve put together outfit formulas using pieces from our latest collection, Play by Ear. These ultra-versatile styles invite you to act on a whim, decide at the drop of a hat, and be the “yes” person you wish you were. Below, see seven outfits to rely on this April and beyond.


Bright Blazer + Neutral Base

Start with a bright blazer, and the rest of your outfit will come together easily. Take the Janette blazer, for instance: a relaxed, collarless jacket crafted in electric blue, machine-washable light ponte. Let this bold beauty shine by pairing it with contrasting ivory essentials like the lightweight Paige tank, kick-crop Archie jeans, and leather Koio Capri sneakers. If you really want to lean into that pop of blue, add some coordinating earrings.


Fitted Top + Flowy Culotte

If you’re not one for oversized silhouettes but still want to play with proportion, try combining a fitted top with a cropped culotte. While you’re venturing outside your comfort zone, why not go with a patterned pant like the Zhou in symphony print? For the rest of your look, stick to sleek staples like the breathable Elizabeth turtleneck, pointed-toe Rowan flats, and silver Claressa hoops.


Textured Set as Pseudo-Suit

When we first released our popcorn knit pieces last spring, they sold out in a flash. (Seriously, even many M.M. employees never got their hands on them.) Naturally, we had to bring these fan favorites back—this time, in a muted blue-gray. Knit from textured 100%-cotton, the matching Liam sweater and Senga skirt are ideal if you love set dressing but feel too stuffy in a suit. Dress up this set with silvery accessories like the elegant Ella sandals and crescent-shaped Lyssa earrings.


Poplin Tunic + Skinny Pant

As our Chief Creative Officer, Miyako, explains, the 4:1 proportion is a foolproof shortcut to looking chic. If you’re unfamiliar, check out our beginner’s guide for an in-depth explanation, but the bottom line is that it’s all about balance. One of the easiest ways you can achieve this golden ratio is by wearing a voluminous top with a slim bottom. Try the crisp, tunic-style Nichols shirt with the slim-fitting Hockley jean, and tie it together with coordinating accessories like the cognac Carter slides and golden Ivy earrings.


Tented Top + Pencil Skirt

Gingham linen might conjure images of picnic attire, but ours looks just as at-home in a conference room as it does next to a wicker basket. Crafted from a lightweight linen-lyocell blend, our gingham linen separates are airy and breathable—making them ideal for mixing and matching throughout the warmer months. Wear the tented Flaka top with the tailored Dolly jacket for a cohesive top half, and complete the look with the streamlined, black Harlem skirt and Ella sandals.


Wide-Neck Top + Wide-Leg Pant

If there’s ever a time to open up your neckline and widen your pant horizons, it’s now. Why? Because as the weather warms, there’s great joy to be found in wearing pieces that allow you to soak up the sun and feel the breeze. To embrace the elements while maintaining office-ready coverage, try the square-neck Joya top with the wide-leg Milo pants. All you need to finish off this look are some elevated everyday accessories like the gold Claressa hoops, delicate Single Bezel necklace, and leather Koio Capri sneakers.


Shirt as Jacket

Humidity hack: When you’re facing an especially muggy forecast, try substituting a shirt for a jacket. A washable silk style, like the Alyssa shirt, will ensure you look plenty polished and feel completely cool. For your underpinning, opt for another breathable, machine-washable style like the Peggy top, and round out your outfit with the #1-best-selling Foster pants, the easy Carter slides, and some chunky gold hoops.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Senior Brand Associate. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and Customer Communications Associate, and she still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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