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Last-Minute Halloween: 6 Characters You Can Be Using Your MM

October 28, 2015

Let us guess: You don’t really have time for Halloween and haven’t even thought about a costume yet? Excellent. Same here.

But we have a few shindigs to attend, and we don’t want to completely drop the ball. Naturally, we’re sifting through our MM to see which iconic TV and film characters we can channel for this year’s festivities. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

1. Olivia Pope from Scandal

last-minute Halloween costume

There are few women on television more badass than Olivia Pope. She can handle conflicts both big and small, her hair is always on point, and she never spills red wine on her cream-hued clothing. (There was one spill on the couch, but those were extenuating circumstances.) If you, too, have a high-powered job but dream of making jam in Vermont, get Olivia’s look by pairing the Hepburn shirt with the Chelsea skirt.

2. Joan Holloway from Mad Men

last-minute Halloween costume

Mad Men‘s Joan Holloway redefines the word bombshell. Yes, she rocks a pencil skirt like none other; but more importantly, she sets an example for how to be a frank, ambitious woman in a hopelessly sexist office environment. Make Joan proud by fighting the patriarchy in the Deneuve 2.0 and the Noho Skirt in Crackle.

3. Claire Underwood from House of Cards

last-minute Halloween costume

First lady Claire Underwood may be guilty of a lot of things, but missing the mark with her fashion choices isn’t one of them. Even as she schemes and plans, she looks impeccable. Ready to channel her sangfroid? Kill it in a classic silhouette like the Nisa dress.

4. Selina Meyer from Veep

last-minute Halloween costume

President Selina Meyer is simultaneously admirable and cringe-worthy—a difficult combo to master. Even though she often puts her foot in her mouth, she’s always exquisitely dressed. Capture her presidential look (and commit a few conversational faux pas) in the Akiko 2.0.

5. Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife

last-minute Halloween costume

Episode after episode, Alicia Florrick demonstrates how it’s possible to remain poised and professional, even in the midst of public scandal. Her style evolves over the seasons, but she remains loyal to two things: power suits and fitted dresses. In particular, she knows how to rock a square neck. This Halloween, unleash your inner Alicia in the Emily dress.

6. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

last-minute Halloween costume

And now for a throwback. Truman Capote’s wonderfully charismatic Holly Golightly was a glamorous party girl who who was all the more charming for her flaws. She may have locked herself out of her apartment on the regular, yet she never looked anything but immaculate. Holly is the queen of the LBD, and the Lydia provides a streamlined update on her classic Givenchy number.

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Sarah duRivage-Jacobs is an actor / writer / improviser who lives between New York and L.A. with her cat, Jasper. She enjoys time travel, BBC television, and receiving mugs as gifts. Read more of Sarah's posts.

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