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15 On-Sale Wardrobe Staples I’m Stocking Up On

What to buy to streamline your wardrobe.

By Caitlin Abber

August 28, 2020

Not that I’m looking to rush through 2020 or anything (okay, maybe a little bit), but I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty excited for fall. Not only does M.M. have a gorgeous new collection on the way (!!!), but I’m also looking forward to that inevitable September reset that happens when kids go back to school, the leaves begin to change, and life starts feeling a little more orderly and purposeful. 

One of my favorite things to do during this time is get organized—especially in my closet. I love swapping out some of my more casual pieces for more formal options, and I especially enjoy noticing where there might be opportunities for new pieces, because hello—shopping. As a new mom who is working from home, I find myself changing my outfit a couple times a day (if not more), so I’m definitely looking for easy, real-life friendly, mix-and-matchable pieces. Thankfully, M.M. is having a great sale right now, which includes some classics and all-time favorites. 

Here are the staples I plan on stocking up on while they’re on sale.


A Pair of Fitted but Stretchy Pants

For bouncing seamlessly from my desk, to my other desk (my bed).


The Perfect “Ready to Go” Jardigan

Professional enough to throw on over a t-shirt speckled with carrot puree.


An Elevated Old Friend

I’ve been living in tanks this summer, and it’s time to step it up a little.  



Wide-Legged Pants

As if wide-leg pants aren’t perfect as is, they’re also a great way to show off a bold pair of shoes.


A Not-So-Basic Black Top

I love the way black shirts look on Zoom calls, and this one is top notch.


A Not-So-Basic White Top

Similarly, nothing is as chic as a bright white mock neck.


A Blouse That Goes with Everything

For grab-and-go mornings.


A Skirt to Replace My Shorts

Yes, I have been all business on the top, denim shorts on the bottom (AKA mullet dressing), but I’m looking forward to swapping out my cut-offs with a polished skirt.


Tights to Wear Underneath

Everyone needs a go-to pair of tights, and I am long-overdue for a new pair (or three).


A Dress for Date Night

I do plan on eventually getting dolled up and going out again, and I think I just need the right dress as motivation.


A Dress for Getting Down to Business

For days when I really want to exude confidence and feel put together.


A Dress for a Little Bit of Both

More likely than not, I’ll be balancing both work and life, so I need a dress that looks just as good with heels as it does with sneakers. Plus, the sleeve length offers a little more coverage—perfect for chillier days ahead.


A Coat Worth Going Outside For

I’ve been wanting a top coat for a long time, and the Cheryl in Sharkskin checks all the right boxes.


A Sweater Worth Staying in For

Sorry, can’t come out for a socially-distanced drink, I’m snuggled inside in my Morandi. 


A Shirt to Throw On for Last-Minute Calls

The Lagarde never fails to be the “I woke up like this” best friend to M.M.ers everywhere. 

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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