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6 Holiday Party Outfits You Can Wear All Year

Ditch the season-specific colors, occasion-specific sparkles, and other less-than-versatile elements for looks you can wear more than once.

By Madeleine Kim

With the exception of my wedding dress, I try to avoid buying pieces that I can only wear for one occasion. If I need a fancy outfit for a cocktail party, my first choice is a versatile slip dress that can also be styled under my favorite turtleneck. When I’m considering a cozy sweatshirt for my work-from-home days, I ask myself: Could I dress this up with jeans and fun jewelry to get sushi on a Friday night? If the answer is no, it probably doesn’t belong in my wardrobe.

This tactic can present a bit of a challenge when it comes to holiday party outfits, which often involve season-specific colors, occasion-specific sparkles, and other less-than-versatile elements (don’t even get me started on ugly sweater parties). In case you’re trying to work out your wardrobe for upcoming festivities, we’ve put together six holiday-party-approved outfits that you can also wear in your everyday life, all year round.

For the Dressy Dinner Party

If the font on the Paperless Post invite is to be taken seriously, this party is going to be fancy. You’ll look the part in the festive Kelsey dress, which, conveniently, is both wine-colored and machine-washable.

For the Low-Key Dinner Party

The group chat has reached a verdict: This year’s annual get-together is all about keeping things easy and ordering too much take-out—no frills, just food. The Butler sweater and Rogala stretch culottes will keep you feeling comfortable and polished, even if you’re sitting cross-legged on the living room floor.

For the Party Where You Have to Make an Appearance

Here’s the plan: Show up, have one drink, and talk to three people before you sneakily make your exit. The key to pulling it off? Wear an outfit that’s memorable enough that nobody will question you were there, but not so flashy that they’ll wonder where you went. The silk Annika tee and flowy Melrose skirt, plus some conversation-starting earrings, are just the ticket.

For the 3pm Party That Ends up Going Until 3am

One minute you’re at your friend’s apartment for an afternoon gift exchange, then you blink, it’s 3am, and you’ve all been hanging out for 12 hours. You’ll need an outfit that can keep up. The Dae top and Curie pants can take you from dinner to dancing to late-night pizza, and then back to dancing, if you’re up for it.

For the Formal Work Party

PSA: Formal outfits can (and should) be comfortable. Take the Malin top and Harlem skirt, for instance. Made from our stretchy-yet-structured jardigan knit, these pieces are both incredibly sleek and so comfortable you might be tempted to nod off (some hot chocolate should perk you up).

For the Casual Work Party

You want to show some personality (it’s a party!), but you still want to look professional (your boss is there!). Strike a balance in the elevated Elizabeth sweater, some Better Than Denim jeans, and a festive gold jardigan. White sneakers complete the look—and allow you to tiptoe away quietly when you and your work wife decide it’s time for martinis at the bar around the corner.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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