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The M.M. Guide to Tights You Didn’t Know You Needed

December 24, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

The holiday season is over, but winter weather isn’t going away anytime soon. In other words: It’s time to embrace tights. More versatile than you might think, tights are the perfect way to winterize almost everything in your wardrobe. (Except for sandals. Science is still working on that one.) But still, this basic underpinning can confuse even the most stylish among us. Read on to learn how to style them with ease.

Cozy-ify Your Culottes

Let’s begin by diving straight into the deep end: tights with pants (gasp!). Wide-leg pants, like the Zhou culotte, are undeniably chic and exactly what you’ll wish you were wearing when you run into your super-stylish boss from two jobs ago. But the roomy fit that makes them look so sophisticated also means they’re basically begging for the wind to come in and stay a while. The solution: Add a pair of tights to keep you cozy. When layering under cropped pants, opt for sheer or flesh-toned (rather than opaque) tights to create contrast. 

Keep it Simple

If you’re new to the world of tights-wearing (or still in recovery from the days of chalky-looking pantyhose), it’s best to start with something simple. Test the waters by pairing your tights with an A-line or relaxed-fit shift dress. Styles that don’t cling to your legs mean you don’t have to worry about your tights rubbing against the lining of your dress. Plus, there’s something about a flared dress with tights and booties that just feels right.

Don’t Fear the Flat

Many people (myself included) are hesitant about wearing tights with flats and loafers—a combo that precariously toes the line between chic Parisian and person who got dressed in the dark. (I’ve seen other people pull it off, but am I stylish enough to do it without looking dowdy?) If you’re like me, try opting for a skirt on the shorter side, which will visually elongate your legs and let the tights do double duty (warmth & coverage). When in doubt, adding an oversized blazer always makes you look cooler (and keeps you extra cozy).


Photos by Yan Ruan.

Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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