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Tell Us Your Favorite Thing About Winter, and We’ll Tell You What to Wear

If your vision board includes sipping champagne or cranberry punch by a fire while fresh snow engulfs the pine trees outside, we know exactly what you should wear right now.

By Caitlin Abber

I do love how there are certain themes to dressing this time of year: The vibrant jewel tones, the plush cashmere, and the pops of plaid and gold. But my favorite part of late-fall/early-winter/holiday dressing is deep reds, like cranberry, burgundy, and chianti (okay, now I want a glass of wine…). 

If you feel the same way, here are 5 outfits based on the best things about this time of year.  

Fallen Leaves

Peak leaf-peeping has passed, and now the leaves are strewn on the ground in bright marigold puddles. If you love the way yellow and brown leaves look before they’re covered by snow, try the silk charmeuse Lisey cami with the Orchard skirt, both in dijon. Avoid catching a cold by topping the top with the Sophie sweater in curry.

Romantic Evergreen

I actually had a winter-themed wedding. To be sure, it was partly to get an off-season discount at the venue, but there’s also just something so romantic about this time of year. Deep evergreen was one of our colors, and this combination of the cashmere McKenzie sweater in jade, the wrinkle-resistant Delaney jogger in olive, the Clark puffer, and the Koio sneakers would’ve been the perfect outfit for heading to our morning-after-the-wedding brunch. 

Fresh Snow

What’s not to love about the first snow of the year? In a few months or so we’ll be sick of it, but for now, the sight of those crisp, fluffy snowflakes slowly falling to the ground is enough to make even the grinchiest among us feel like a kid again. Manifest this feeling anytime you want by wearing the Hockley jean in tusk with the Ellie pullover in pearl. Of course, you’ll need some fresh white sneakers to match, as well as a little “new snow” sparkle.

Cranberry Punch

As I mentioned earlier, my absolute favorite seasonal hue is a deep, dark red. I usually wear it as an accent color in lipstick, scarves, or nail polish, but this year, I’m going all in with a full tonal outfit. I’ll be tucking my Axam turtleneck in cranberry into my Mejia pants in rust. The Grace loafers in leopard will add a fun pattern, and the Claressa earrings act as the proverbial cherry on top.

Champagne Sparkle

Champagne is the best of all worlds. Somewhat neutral but fully glam, it’s a color, a mood, and a whole way of life. And it works whether you’re attending an intimate Friendsgiving or a formal New Year’s Eve party. The Nene dress in champagne is an obvious, elegant choice, especially when paired with the Rowan flats in…you guessed it, prosecco. Grab the Cathy sweater in glimmer alpaca if you’re heading somewhere chilly, and no matter where you’re going, make sure you’ve got the Williamina earrings dangling from your ears.

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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