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A Fitting Tribute: Future “Women of the Week” Try M.M. on for Size

May 10, 2019 | Filed in: Humans of MM

Remember the days of playing dress-up in your mom’s closet? In honor of Mother’s Day, we invited the daughters of a few of our M.M. moms to try our clothes on for size. Watch these future “Women of the Week” in action in the video below, and scroll through for some “aww”-inducing photos from the shoot.


Aurelia wears the Loretta top, the Plisse scarf, and the Ginger pumps.


Ella wears the Collins blazer, the Patricia top, the Noho skirt, and the Lillian pumps.


Koh wears the Farah shirt.


Nari wears the Oliver jacket, the Giulia top, and the Grace loafers.


Scotte wears the Eileen shirt and the Emerson cardigan.


Eleanor wears the Brodie top and the Tenley necklace.


Ava wears the Beverly shirt.

Photographs by Heather Moore. Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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